Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm letting Twitter take over my blogging.

Okay, okay, fine. I'm lazy to update the blog. There you go. I can say anything I want at any given time on my Twitter. I think some people call it micro-blogging. Fancy. Even with 140 word limit per tweet, it's still rocks to tweet. Simple. And short.

But still, I love this blog. I'll give it more attention soon, okay? In the meantime, I just want to let you know that I'm loving my life right now. I'm loving it way too much. I feel happy and free. Anything I do, I do it on my own terms. I don't do it to please anyone. I'm done with pleasing people. And I feel... great.

I don't really care what people say about me now. I'm living MY life according to MY likings. It's all about ME now. Call me selfish or whatever but I learned my lesson. I'm happier now more than ever. What other people say and do, I won't let it affect me in any way at all. Take a good look at me now. I'm changed. You can't hurt me now.

Did I tell you I'm happier now?

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