Sunday, October 10, 2010

let's pray for baby aliff

Dear friends,

This is baby Aliff. Aliff is just two months old. Aliff was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Hospital Ampang on 07th October 2010 due to subdural haemotoma or pendarahan otak. According to the doctors, Aliff suffered the bleeding due to either a fall, being shaken hard or terhantuk.

When his mother picked him up from the babysitter's house on that fateful day, Aliff was blue from crying. The babysitter told the mother that Aliff had been crying for almost four hours. The mother was shocked to hear this and asked why she did not send Aliff to the hospital and the babysitter replied that she doesn't have Aliff's birth cert so she just let him cry.

The mother then took Aliff immediately to the hospital. CT scan was conducted on Aliff and the doctor confirmed that his brain is swollen. Aliff was immediately put on life support. Up until today, three pints of blood has been pumped into Aliff's system. Aliff has not open his eyes since he was admitted into the ICU. The doctors gave Aliff a 50-50 chance to survive.

Imagine if you're the mother, who waited for ten years for Aliff to arrive into the world. It will certainly break your heart. It broke my heart. Seeing that little body lying on the bed with all sorts of tubes attached to his little body and the machines surrounding his bed, it pains me.

The doctors put Aliff on three types of medication, two types for his blood pressure and another one is for his heart. Aliff's breathing is helped by the ventilator. His breathing is hard, the chest heaves up and down visibly, as if breathing is a really hard work for him. Aliff's body is cold and unresponsive.

Yesterday, Aliff was hit with a fever. Until today, his fever still subsists. The doctors tried to take one of the medications off of him but then his blood pressure dropped drastically. A recent CT scan showed that his brain is still swollen and the blood clot is still there in his brain. The doctors are still in discussion whether Aliff needs a surgery or no.

Aliff is now in adult's ICU because they do not have ICU for children in Hospital Ampang. Because of his critical condition, it is impossible for them to move him to another hospital. So they modified everything according to his needs. Even his bed is an adult bed. Aliff is the only child in the ICU.

Everyday, his mother would recite holy verses to Aliff. She will talk to Aliff, telling Aliff to be strong and to come back to her so that they could go home and play together. She is a single mother who loves her child so much that she never left his side since he was admitted. She tells Aliff that she loves him to his ear every single day. Sometimes, the machines will beep, signaling his reaction to his mother's voice.

Dear friends,

Please, please, please pray for baby Aliif. Please include him in your prayer so that he will open his eyes and be okay. Please pray for his life and for his future. Aliff has got a long road ahead of him. His mother is waiting patiently for him to wake up.

The babysitter has been questioned by the police but she denied any wrongdoings. However, it seems that now her whole family is moving away from their current resident. The sister of the mother caught them moving their things in the middle of the night. My question is, if you're not guilty why are you running away? The husband at first refused to let the police in but the police told him that they can arrest him for obstruction of justice.

Please, friends, remember Aliff in your prayers. An innocent child should not be subjected to this kind of suffering. Please pray for Aliff's well being. Please pray for the mother to be strong for her child. Let us all, regardless of our religion, pray that Aliff will be okay and fine. Hoping that the power of prayer will help Aliff and his mother through this hardship.

Dear Aliff,

Please be strong. Please be okay. Please...


  1. sy turut berdoa smoge anak puan sembuh sepenuhnya dan dpt menjalani kehidupan spt sedia kala..amin..

  2. Sedih je tengok. Sekarang ni apa status dia?

  3. I can only say that the best a mother can give to her child is doa and the deepest love. Because a mother's whole hearted doa shall be answered by Him, InsyaAllah.

    My prayers go out to the baby and also for the mother. May she be strong through out this trying times. He is the Almighty and the most merciful and the most beneficent.

  4. i'm cryingggggggggggg...owhh please..owhh my dear ALLAH please safe dis child:(

  5. Semoga baby Alif kuat semangat dan sembuh seperti biasa... amin...

  6. my deepest sympathy. hopefully the baby will recover. however, did the mother investigate the matter to how the baby sitter's negligence? or for that matter how it occurred?


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