Friday, October 08, 2010

why i love twitter

I just love love love Twitter. Really, I do. That is why you are seeing less and less of me around nowadays. I run out of things to say here because I rant too much on Twitter. Oh, how I can rant on Twitter! Kenapa, tak percaya? Just check with this guy, or my cousin. They can verify that I rant almost daily on Twitter. I even rage on Twitter. Seriously. And when I rage, my words can be really err... fancy? Or colorful? Err...

I love Twitter mostly because I could just say whatever that pops into my head at anytime. When I'm sad, happy or pissed off, I could just share it with Twitter. And most of the times, I will get instant reply or comments. How awesome is that? Bukan macam blog, dua tiga hari baru ada orang nak komen. And news travel much much faster on Twitter than CNN or BBC or the likes. Earthquakes, traffic jams, riots, deaths... you name it, you got it seconds after it happened. I like to keep my self up to date, you know.

And then there is this thing I call Twitter-rage where I just let my anger spilled. Where I just curse and curse and curse. There are some things I won't say here and on Facebook but I will say it in Twitter. Why? Simply because there are still lots of people are Twitter-blind. So I can rant and curse for all I like... for now. I have free rein as to what I say on my Twitter. And I can be as wacky as I want. And I can surely maki ikut suka hati aku towards certain person. Don't tell anyone, okay?

Hey, if you have Twitter, give me a holler. Kalau setakat register akaun fake semata-mata nak follow aku so that you can know what I say and then spread it to other people, you can go to hell. Find a life. If you can.

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