Monday, November 08, 2010

he's baaaaack!

Aarghhhh! He's back! He's back!

The BIG. BAD. WOLF is back, with a bite, y'all. Remember this? Yeah, well, the sale is BAAAACKKK! As you can see from the pictures above, he is back, more menacing than ever, threatening to burn the hole in your pocket. I hyperventilate every time I see the pictures they posted on their Facebook profile. And I'm going. I don't care.

Paperback novels from famous authors going at RM 8.00 each, which book lovers could ever resist? I certainly can not. Hyperventilate, remember?

So, when?
12th - 17th November 2010

South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan

How to get there

Click click click

My advice is to go early so you can grab all the famous titles. And bring a box, a trolley or whatever that will make it easier for you to lug all those books around. Trust me, you will be needing it.

Now, are you excited yet?


  1. Ummi dear!

    Selamat bershopping buku dengan banyaknye~


    Oh ya,
    ape-ape pon
    Anda telah di-tag dan di-award dengan Interesting Blog Award!

    Sila, sila grab it.

  2. Ila: Thanks for the award. Will grab it soon!


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