Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it's not perfect but...

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! So I've been awarded with Interesting Blog Award from my childhood friend, Ila Nadia. Why, thank you, Ila, for the award. I'm flattered. Really I am. Because for one, I've never thought of my blog being interesting for all the mindless rants.

Here's it is!

Thank you again, Ila!

Of course, I have to answer few questions (instead of making long winded acceptance speech like they do in Academy Award) in order to 'officiate' the award. So here it goes:
  1. What's the friend's blog to your eyes?
    Lots of my friends are now married but I don't really know how their married lives are. I go to her blog to get glimpses of her married life. I'm fascinated by it. Don't ask me why.

  2. The title of your blog and the reason behind it.
    Well, I think it's pretty obvious, no? Life is never perfect. Mine is not, at least. But that's the way I love it.

  3. The reason behind your blog URL.
    Read it here

  4. Your style of writing.
    This blog is like a personal space for me to rant to my heart's content so mostly my posts are my personal craps. Yes, sometimes I'll do reviews (books and movies mostly) but mostly, they are about my personal life.

  5. What do you think when you look at other people's blogs and compare it to yours?
    We all have our own preferences, no? What's the point in having such bombastic design when the contents are useless? Honestly, I think a lot of blogs out there are like that right now. Indah rupa dari isi.

  6. When did you start to blog?
    March 2006.

  7. Who's the first person to follow your blog?
    None other than Wani.
I'm suppose to tag other people or give out this award to other people but you know what? All of you (yang ada blog la!), you people are winner in your own way. So there you go.


  1. Wani, sssyyyhh! Jangan cakap kuat-kuat. Hahahah!


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