Wednesday, March 16, 2011

50 books a year

I'm aiming to read at least 50 books this year. For an avid reader, it's really not much but for me, 50 books a year is a lot. Reason being that I have to find the time to read. Time is a luxury when you're working and to find the time to read is almost impossible. But I love to read. Not reading any book in a certain amount of time will make me feel... well, depressed. A bit.

Mind you, I don't really read what I call smart-and-serious books. My favorite genre is romance, be it contemporary or historical. Simple, really. But that doesn't mean I'm a hopeless romantic. Well... at least, I *hope* so. Tearing up at a beautiful love story doesn't count, right? Right? Oh well...

Here are some the books I've read for the year 2011. Up until today, I've read a total of 16 out of 50 books. Not bad, eh? I'm getting there, alright.

I'm always looking for book sales so that I can grab some books at a bargain price. Books are rather expensive here in Malaysia, but there's always BookXcess. And then there's the annual Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair. You'll go crazy for the books, if you like to read.

This year, the KLIBF will be held from 22nd April until 1st May 2011. As usual, it will be held at the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC). Free admission, some more. So do go there and check out the books. I, for one, am not going to miss it. I still have lost of books to be read at home but... we'll see. Maybe another two or three won't hurt. Or maybe another five.


  1. wow!

    wish I can do like that too.. huhu..

  2. Ila: We have our own hobbies. You like to watch anime, kan? 50 animes a year, perhaps? :D

  3. Ummi,

    but I want to read more books, need to improve my english language. hihi..

    can I borrow yours? ;p

  4. Ila: Sure can! Anytime.


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