Tuesday, April 26, 2011

day 05 - happy happy, joy joy

First of all, sorry I couldn't make it yesterday for day five as I had to give way to a book review. I just had to. But, hey, I am here now. All set and ready for day five of 30-days of book meme.

Day 05 - A book that makes you happy

Oh, gee... gosh! As you can see from day one, I have so many happy books. Pleasing me ain't a hard thing to do, eh? Sure, I have lots of happy books. And now I have to pick one that is not yet featured in this meme. Lemme see...

Here it is, Sandra Hill's Frankly, My Dear...

I am sure by now, most of you would notice that the title is a very popular quote from the famous movie/book, Gone With the Wind. The book itself refers to the movie a lot as the heroine is a hopeless romantic with a weakness for anything sweet. The heroine, a glamorous model is send back to the days of the Old South in Louisiana, where she falls in love with the handsome owner of a bayou plantation. By a voodoo spell, nonetheless.

I love this book a lot. I think the time-travel think is so cool. Imagine a life without electricity, running tap water, hair dryer, makeup (eeeks!), television, the Internet (double eeeeks!) and other things we take granted for day by day. Selene, though, takes it all in her stride with her fake eyelashes and contact lenses. Selene is a courageous and smart woman. Though she believes that James, the owner of the bayou plantation, is her Rhett.

The reference to Gone With the Wind are fun. Selene's interaction with James' son, Etienne, is one to look out for. That little kid is really something. Frankly, My Dear... is highly entertaining with its quirky and varied characters. I laughed a lot when I read this book. It's just one of that books you'll always remember even after you've gone through so many books.
So, another one of my happy books. What's yours, by the way? And this happy books thing? Tomorrow there will be none of it. Until then, ciao!


  1. Frankly, My Dear.....

    auwww sounds so romantic and happy~ :P

  2. re-arrange: It is indeed a happy book.


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