Thursday, April 28, 2011

day 07 - don't judge a book by its cover. sometimes...

Yawwwwwnnnn. Good morning, folks. By the time I am done typing all the words for this post, morning will end. I am late, again, today, no thanks to the ever unreliable Keretapi Terlambat Malaysia KTM. I think even one million comments or complaints won't change one single thing about their unreliability. Oh well, welcome to Bolehland.

So we arrive at day seven. I have an announcement to make. Once in a while, this meme will be interrupted to give way to some other posting/entry. As a rule, I only post one entry per day. Take note that my blog is not one of that buat-entry-seperenggan-setiap-dua-jam-tapi-berjuta-gambar blogs. This is a personal blog where I rant. Rant, geddit? Twitter limits the user to 140-words per tweet. Definitely not enough when I'm in full steam.

Day 07 - The most underrated book

How exactly do you define "underrated", pray tell me? As for me, an underrated book is a book that not many people know/realize that it exists. And a good or great book at that. Well, that is my two cents. My take for the most underrated book?

John Case's The Genesis Code

What is this book about? Well, in a nutshell, The Genesis Code tells the story of how an ambitious doctor/scientist clones the DNA of a man known to the whole wide world and insert the DNA to several fetuses. It's the DNA of Jesus Christ. However, one by one, the mothers and their children who bore the DNA are being killed gruesomely. Joe Lassiter's sister and nephew included. Now isn't that just mind-boggling? I think it's awesome.

I read this book in the midst of Da Vinci Code's hype. And I could not put it down. It's just so very intriguing. And fast-paced. The whole Jesus-cloning thing is so very interesting. The puzzles, riddles, questions, the chase, the murder... phew! This is one action-packed book, I must say. Exhilarating at times. I never got boring reading this book. Sure, it took me some time to reach for this book as the author is unknown to me but once I started, I could not put it down.

The book was first published in 1993, compared to Da Vinci Code which was first published in 2003. So to say that this book is influenced by the Da Vinci Code is ridiculous. I just think that after the Da Vinci Code's success only that people started to take notice of this kind of book. You will either love or hate The Genesis Code. Some people just hate it, labeling the book as a Da Vinci Code wannabe and unbelievable. In case they, or you missed it, it's a fiction. You do know the meaning of fiction, right?

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