Tuesday, April 12, 2011

that near-to-death experience

Okay, the title is indeed a dramatic one. Over-the-top. So sue me.

I went to the dentist last Saturday. Horri-freaking-fying. Seriously. I'll let these screen captures tell you the story.

 Note: Read from the  bottom.

Note: Read from the  bottom.

Yes, I had a tooth removed. And yes, I am scared of dentist. I avoid going to dentist as long as I can. Always have bad experience with dentist. Since I was a little girl. Yeah, yeah, I'm a wimp. Don't have to tell me twice.

And here are some of the response I got from my *ehem* wimpy *ehem* tweets.

Now go laugh at me.


  1. ngeri wooo jumpa dentist

  2. may: Baru approve komen, sorry ya. Memang jumpa dentist adalah sangat ngeri. Wuwuwuwu.


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