Tuesday, May 03, 2011

day 08 - maybe, maybe not

I refuse to be sidetracked. I refuse to be sidetracked. I refuse to be sidetracked.

And so here I am. Repeating that words like a mantra may help me to focus and go on until day thirty. As long as I refuse to be sidetracked. Well, at least I try to not be sidetracked by other things. Like how hard it is to reserve a seat to watch Fast & Furious 5. Or how difficult it is to put your trust in yet another person when you know heartbreak is on the line. Or why people still spell 'Congrats' as 'Congrates'. Or... okay, I got easily distracted. Let's get on with the program.

Day 08 - Most overrated book

Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones

Her name is Susie. Last name Salmon, like the fish. She is fourteen. And she is telling us a story. The only thing is, she's dead. Yep, she's dead. She's telling her story from the Heaven.

From some of the reviews I've read, some people shed tears reading this book. Maybe I'm not too sensitive because I could not find a reason to cry, even after I finished reading. Just that I found the story to be kinda disturbing. And different.

I felt a bit impatient towards the end of the book. And there's a bit of "Ghost" (as in the movie) going on. It's disturbing, really. If reading a story from the point of view of a dead person is not disturbing enough, I don't know what is. 

~ Taken from my Goodreads

It's interesting, really, that this book has got people coming to me, telling me that this book is sad. Maybe I don't have the softest of heart because I do not feel any kind of sadness or anything near that after reading The Lovely Bones. What I really feel is, creeped-out. Look, I like the way the story is written, the way the characters are developed. But the whole dead-girl-telling-her-stories-from-the-high-heaven just won't do it for me.

And the part where she actually make love with Ray through her friend's body? I just think that is wrong. So very wrong on so many levels. I mean, how does she know that the friend is permissible to sex? How can she be sure that the sex won't affect the two people? Is it even right to trespass into another person's body and mind? Yeah, I get it that she wants to experience sex (of all things) as she dies young. But you're dead. Move on. Stop haunting the ones you care and love about.

I don't get the sad part. Really I don't. I just think it's disturbing. And that is why I think this book is overrated.


  1. Oh, dari buku rupanya.

    Hari tu tengok kat wayang cerita nih.

    tak pasti wayang lagi Okay atau buku dia lagi Okay. =)

  2. I agree too. The book as not as sad as I thought it would be. I guess the afterlife was not paint in an attractive feature.

  3. Ila: Selalunya the book is better than movie sebab kalau movie ni selalu akan ada scene atau part yang dia potong dari buku. It may or may not be important. Tapi the whole experience will be different. Depends.

  4. Dils: Exactly! I thought Susie's life is boring, actually. I mean, c'mon, you're in heaven!

    Thanks for dropping by.


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