Thursday, June 02, 2011

day 12 - love you, love you not

Okay, hey, we're back with the meme. Forgive me for the lack of entries for the past few weeks but I've been busy. Ahem. Busy.

Before I go with the meme, I just want to say I really really really really really wanna see X-Men: First Class. Really. But seems like my sisters already have their own plans this coming weekend. Sad. Sad. The life of an unwanted girl. Right. I'll probably go and see it on my own. Or maybe I'll twist few arms. We'll see.

Day 12 - A book you used to love but don't anymore

Don't laugh. I mean it. Don't sneer. I really mean it. Even if you're so freaking tempted to do so. This will make you roll your eyes and go "Seriously?!". Yeah, seriously.

 It's Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn

Look, out of all four books, this one had been my favorite. Yes, I've read 'em all. All of it. Same thing can't be said about the so-called Twilighters out there. So you see, I *used* to love this book. I even read it twice. Yes, twice. Stop rolling your eyes.

Then the movie came out. And the madness started. And then there's Rob Pattinson, doing his very kayu stuff as Edward. And the whole sparkling thing. It's one thing to read about, another thing to actually witness Rob Pattinson shirtless and ... well, sparkled. It's... frankly? Disgusting. Sorry, all you worshipers out there. I just can't stomach it any longer.

The book is decent enough, good enough to keep me flipping through it pages twice. But then I think, the whole Twilight madness got a little bit too much that I just think this book has become overrated. Yes, overrated. But, hey, that's just me. But honestly, I adore the Edward in the book much more than in the movie. I feel like driving a stake through the heart of the movie version of Edward and yell at him "Just fucking put some fucking emotion in your fucking act, asshole!"

Right. Now I'm getting ready for the attacks from the worshipers.

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