Wednesday, June 01, 2011

a fresh start

I'm tired already of the black background. Looked gloomy enough to prompt me to change to this new layout. How do you like the new layout, folks? It's provided by Blogger, by the way. Nothing fancy.

So what's been up? Nothing, really, to be honest. Had a bad case of flu recently. Which got the boss sending me home early on Monday and me taking the day off on Tuesday. Still stuck with the flu, but recovering bit by bit. I still eat ice cream, though. 

We all scream for ice cream!

Bad, bad, bad. I know. I couldn't sleep last night because of the coughing. Padan muka! Fine, no more ice cream after this. 

Yeah, like you would believe that for a second.

Anyways, on to the other news; Mama's going for her umrah end of this month. So we will be without her for two weeks. How are we suppose to hold the fort for two weeks, eh? I just hope we can manage. Hope. I think we'll manage. I mean, most of us are qualified grown-ups, right? Right? Riiiighhht. See, I'm rolling my eyes right now as I'm typing this.

A cousin got married this week. Selamat pengantin baru to my cousin, Nur Adila and husband, whom I only know as Wan. Sorry I could not make it to the wedding. Work. And of course, suddenly got the flu bug. *Sniff*

What else to tell? Oh yeah. The 30 days book meme will resume after this, worry not. Reading is a good way to fill the gap of human companionship, you know? At least I won't have any fight with books. I'm just saying.

And I'll just stop now before I rant some more.

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