Monday, June 20, 2011

day 13 - the man behind

Wow. I'm really taking my time with this book meme, eh? Hangat-hangat tahi ayam betul. But, I'll get to it. Trust me. Not.

Day 13 - Your favorite writer

Dude looks nerdy, no? He is Matthew Reilly.

I've got to thanks my cousin, Suria, for introducing me to my first Matthew Reilly's book. It was the first book of the Jack West's adventure series, Seven Deadly Wonders. That book got me hooked alright. I just love the way he writes. Never a dull moment in any of his books so far. And they're always fast-paced, full of riddles and puzzles and of course, interesting characters.

I think Matt Reilly is a genius, just like J.K Rowling. He creates this world of adventure filled with such interesting tidbits, histories, and characters. I've read all the books in the Jack West's adventure series and I love all three books. For me, you either hate or love his kind of style. I love it. Despite my love and devotion for chick-lits, I have a special room for Matt Reilly's books.

Oh. And I have so many favorite authors. There are Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Julie James, Jennifer Crusie, Pamela Britton... err... do I need to go on here? Of course, you guys probably expected those names I mention as my favorite authors. But I've highlighted some books written by those ladies already so I thought I'd go with Reilly. I would've put Dan Brown but I heard his latest novel (can't remember the title) is a HUGE letdown. So, there you go.

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