Wednesday, June 08, 2011

spot the difference?

Okay, I need you people to look at this picture closely and carefully. Look at every angle:

Saw anything out of the ordinary? No, not the blurry faces. That was done on purpose. No? Okay, let's zoom it in...

Now, do you see it?

Honestly, I can't see a thing out of the ordinary. The highlighted area suppose to show some kind of... err... entity, maybe. But honestly, it looks like the neighbor's pokok bunga. Not that I'm skeptical (or maybe I am), but seriously, do you see anything at all that looks like... err... something spooky?


  1. your eyes playing trick on you... hue hue hue

  2. Aujinz: Nooooo! Not me, but my cousins. Tak nampak apa pun gambar tu.


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