Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend with baby aliff

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of having Baby Aliff in our house. Hooray! Because my aunt went out of town, we had the chance to babysit Aliff for the weekend. His mother had some sort of seminar to attend every Saturday and Sunday, so someone has to take care of Aliff. Aliff has grown so much after his ordeals.

Such a beautiful boy!

He was a bit cranky on Saturday, but nothing we could not handle. Next month, Aliff will turn one. Almost unbelievable, right? After all that he went through last year, Aliff is now growing up. Not as normal as other kids, but he is definitely growing up well. His neck is a bit weak but hopefully, after series of therapy, he will be alright.

Sshhh... baby's sleeping.

Aliff likes to play with water. He will move all his limbs in water, splashing water all over. Most kids love water, no? I think in the long run, it will be beneficial for Aliff to spend his time in pool to loosen his usually stiff limbs. Therapy is one thing, but it is another thing to keep Aliff's muscles, senses and mind stimulated all the time. It takes constant effort to ensure Aliff's development.

Aliff with my sister, Aishah.

Aliff loves the outdoors. He likes to stay outside, where the birds fly and the wind blows. I think he likes the sense of being out in the open air where there is no restriction or closed space to suffocate him. And there are lots of things to be seen and heard. Aliff is a curious boy, it seems. And he responds well to music.

Perhaps thinking when he can roam freely around...

Mama loves Aliff, too. She played with him, bathed him and even slept beside him. I hope, though, that that are not the signs of a nak-cucu-cepat syndrome. Tee-hee. But, who's to say? It has indeed been a long time since we have any babies to take care of and fuss over. One time, when changing his diaper, Mama even said "Dah berapa tahun tak buat ni!"

It has been a pleasure to have you, Baby Aliff. We're missing you already. Come back again soon, okay, baby?

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