Monday, October 03, 2011

how i met him

I know some of my friends were initially shocked when I announce my engagement. Without one single hint that I'm in a relationship with anyone, I dropped the engagement bomb. Even some of my relatives were surprised. My, my, what mystery, eh? I'm willing to bet that some of my readers are also surprised with the announcement, eh?

The truth is, after years of miserable relationship that failed, I kinda don't want to jinx this one. I kept it mostly to myself. But my sisters know about him once we started to get close. Well, you can't hide anything from your sisters, y'know. That's the rule in the family. It's enough that they know about him. I did not want the whole world to know. Yet. But even though it's out now I'm now tied to a man, most people still do not know him. Well, let just keep it that way, at least until the day I got married to him.

I've known him for years, this man. Years that I lost count of. We started off as casual friends, nothing major. He's the type who like to tease, kid around, whereas I was an over-sensitive, emotional sort at that time. Lots of time, I would just stop speaking to him and ignore him. I deleted him from my Yahoo! contacts far too many times. We shared nothing special at that time. We were, in a way, strangers. And after some time, we just stopped contacting each other. I was, of course, occupied with the other guys in my life.

And then one day, I saw a friend request from him in Facebook. Without thinking too much, I just approved the request. But still, we kept it casual, simple even. We said "Hi" to each other few times and that was about it. Then last year, after breaking up with my then boyfriend, I decided to catch a movie. And he offered to accompany me. I realized I was on the rebound, I was heart-broken and I swore to steer clear off men for a while. He wasn't aware of that fact. We went for the movie, anyway. Just the two of us. I couldn't even remember which movie did we saw that very first time.

And after that, we just sorta clicked. One movie after another, which led to dinner. Which led to many other things. Mizz Nina's album launch, the i-City trip, countless movies... and one day, he brought me to meet his colleagues. It kinda stopped me in my track and got me thinking, "Are we really serious?". The answer wasn't that hard to find. He makes me laugh all the time, he takes good care of me, he never raises his voice to me, he criticizes in a gentle way, he's affectionate. Who am I kidding, really? We are serious. We have feelings for each other. It caught me off guard at first, but it felt right. It felt wonderful. It still feels wonderful.

And so here we are now, engaged to each other. And pretty much in love. A year in a relationship, yes, it's young, it's fragile. But I do believe that what we have is strong. He sorta keeps me anchored, reminding me what's important in life. He keeps a clear head while mine is one big, jumbled mess. See, we're just great for each other. We may or may not know each other very well. But hey, God's willing, we will have a lifetime to figure out each other. In the meantime, we'll take it one day at at a time.

Wish us all the very best.


  1. like! 1000x
    hehe... mudah2an selamat sampai ke jinjang pelamin. bykkan bertabah n sabar tau..dugaan bertunang ni mcm2 skit. Dian doakan ummi & encik tunang selamat diijabkabulkan.. Aminn..

  2. Dian: Aminnn... Terima kasih untuk doa Dian. Ummi doakan Dian selamat lahirkan baby. Tak sabaq ni nak tengok baby Dian.


    Mesti saya pon tak tahu siapa dia kan? Hehehe..

    Kirim salam pada dia ye Ummi.. =)

  4. Ila: Nope, kamu pun tak tahu siapa dia. Hehehe. Insya Allah, satu hari nanti bertemu jugak.

  5. Tahniah!
    Semoga berbahagia yer.. :D

  6. Aujinz: Terima kasih!


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