Tuesday, October 04, 2011

KTM: the never-ending story

Look, I've been using KTM Komuter for as long as I can remember. And as long as I can remember, the word 'delay' is rather synonym with KTM Komuter. Seriously. How many of us KL-ites have experienced KTM's 'efficiency' in terms of the on-time performance? On Fridays, especially, the service goes from worst to horrifying. You don't even wanna know what happen when it rains. You'll spit in disgust, believe me. What are they doing, I have no idea, since the service never improved since... I don't know... forever?

And then, come the news. They're replacing the old coaches with new ones. The SCS (six-car set) is said to make its debut this December. 38 sets for six coaches. Here's a sneak peek at the SCS:

Honestly, I don't have any complaints about the current coaches they're using. Most of the time, they're decent and comfortable. Yes, sometimes the air-conditioner doesn't work but that is, to me, minor problem. The issue here, the main point is, the constant delay. Constant as in every single day. Yes. Every. Single. Day. Even on the weekends, early morning, when people are not working and the crowd is considerably lesser than that of weekdays. Why is that? It is simply unacceptable.

Don't talk about the new coaches. Let's talk about your efficiency, or lack of it, KTM. Just how many people are late to work and just how many people got home after dinner because of your constant delay? Your service is an utter embarrassment to the people of Malaysia. Seriously. And don't go saying that if we don't like your service, we can take our asses to other mode of transportation or buy our own car. Some of us do not have the option or the luxury to do so.

And you, the users, be considerate, will ya? Other people queued up at the right line for hours and some of you brainless morons just come and stand in the middle of the line like a fucking boss. For example, this lady:

This kind of attitude pissed me off more than KTM's delay. People queued up for hours, along the correct line and you just come up, with your fucking innocent face and just stood there in the middle? Be thankful I didn't shove your ass off the platform, lady. Now all you people do not do this. Yes, I understand we're all trying to get somewhere as soon as possible, but this kind of attitude is a big NO-NO. Like I say, be considerate.

And should you're able to avoid using KTM Komuter, avoid it all cost. Honestly.


  1. uuurghhhh...dah lama tak guna Komuter.. dulu seoarang pengguna komuter tegar... hue hue hue

  2. Aujinz: Kadang-kadang, rasa serik nak guna komuter ni, kan? Tapi apakan daya...


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