Tuesday, November 29, 2011

day 1 - big fight

Sometimes, it's easier to feel unhappy rather than vice versa. It's easier to forget the good times and remember the hard times. It's easier to give up than just fight. It's easier to lost track of everything than keeping your life on the right lane. It's easier to just not do anything at all.

But then, that's not life. That's not how we're suppose to go on. We fall, we lose, we suffer. But that doesn't mean life will stop at that. We fall, we get back up. No matter how long it will take, we will get up. We might scraped ourselves by falling down but it will heal in time. We lose, we learn from it again and again. We suffer, but always not for long. We find hope. We find strength. We find courage.

The process of changing, turning your life around is never easy. It's a bumpy road to travel through. Challenges will come your way. Patience and faith will be tested


What crap. I want a Big Mac, with fries and Coke. I want Secret Recipe's chocolate brownies topped with vanilla ice-cream. I want pizza and chicken lasagna from Domino's. I want KFC's Hot & Spicy chicken. I want a plate of nasi lemak with chicken rendang.

But most of all, I want to look good for myself. So I will prevail. I will fight the temptation. I will succeed.

And maybe, I should stop watching Food Network.


  1. huhuhuuhu..

    daku amat memahami.. same goes here.

    camne nak buat nihh??

  2. Kan Ila kan? It's an everyday struggle. Kena kuatkan hati dan semangat.

  3. huuuuuuu..

    kadang-kadang (macam selalu jer) rasa nak give up jeeee..


  4. Ila dah banyak kemajuan tu. Never give up. Sayangla kalau give up sekarang. Chayok, chayok!


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