Wednesday, February 27, 2013

getting back on track

I've started reading regularly again. It's not that I give reading a complete dismissal. It's just that I kinda give chick lits a wide berth since a few that I read let me down completely.


I'm probably getting old. Oh, dang!

One of my favorite authors is Nora Roberts. But I think I've been reading way too much of Roberts' novels that each and every novel becomes a tad bit too predictable to me. Sad. It's no fun anymore reading her novels. Instead, I go back to the earlier novels written by Roberts, the ones that are not very sappy or romantic-comedy-chick-flick influenced.

Before, I thought Nicholas Sparks is boring. Really I did. I fell asleep reading the first two pages of Message in The Bottle. Twice. After that, I just gave up. Then, I saw one of Sparks' novels on my sister's bookshelf. Oh, what the heck, I thought, I'll give it a try. And surprise, surprise, it was such a pleasant read. Emotional, but pleasant. I did cry reading the book.

Review here
I read 23 books last year, seven short of my intended target. So this year, I aim a bit less - 20 books. Done with 5 books, though, which is quite an achievement for me. Hahaha!

A screenshot from my Goodreads page
Out of all 5 books, only one impresses me so far - Matthew Reilly's Scarecrow. It's thrilling, it's adventurous and somewhat brutal. Others, even the Nicholas Sparks' one, are rather disappointing. I told you I'm getting old.

Looks like I'm getting right back on track with my reading. Yay!

Let's see if I can get right back on track with my blogging, eh?


  1. Baca lagi tak historical romance? Try la baca A Taste of Heaven-Alexis Harrington :)

  2. Wani,

    Susah nak cari historical romance yang best sekarang ni. But will check your recommendation. Thanks!


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