Thursday, February 28, 2013

love at first sight

I was browsing through IKEA's online catalog when I stumbled upon this little baby:


And I went "Oh. My. God." I really did. I fell in love. Instantly. My thoughts were of that most of my books are currently being kept in a box. Where I cannot see them. Where I cannot touch them as often as I want to. This bookcase is the answer to my prayer. Oh, thank God!

I immediately YM-ed the Hubster. And he said the bookcase is "Comel." Hahaha! Comel or not, I want this one. THIS ONE. Even though I do not know where to put it yet, I want it right away. Placement is not a problem, we'll figure it out eventually.

Before this, we lived in a smaller house. A townhouse. We don't want to clutter it up too much with unnecessary things. But now that we moved to a slightly bigger house, well... gotta do what you gotta do, right? And the first thing I want is a bookcase? You betcha!

I will be adding another pile of books soon, anyway. What? Haven't you heard? The Big Bad Wolf is having another round of it's crazy books sale, crazier this time as for this round, the books are going at cheaper price. Fictions will cost you only RM 5.00. RM 5.00. Can you even believe that? Gawd, I can't wait.

The return of the Big Bad Wolf. Again.

Bookworms, unite!

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