Tuesday, June 18, 2013

just the usual

Sometimes, I just want time to stop. So that I can stop, too.

I made a resolution not too long ago. I made a resolution not to whine or complain. Heh. What a bunch of bollocks. When did I ever stop whining? And complaining? When? Never. Yes, I am that ungrateful bitch. I know that, people.

I'm so tired. I'm feeling so tired nowadays, I just wanna drop and sleep the world away for months.

And I miss my dad.

I've been keeping everything burrowed under the lid, keeping it neutral. I go on with my life like I don't have one single worry in the world. I'm good at that. Practice makes perfect, y'know. But God knows just how much I miss my father. Years have gone by. Years. And I thought I'd get used to not having him around by now. Oh, I was so wrong.

Good God. I need to get a grip of myself.

And I hate my job, too, by the way.

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