Wednesday, March 25, 2015

main mak-mak

Last 2 weeks (ke 3 weeks eh? Dah lupa), a cat gave birth somewhere on the roof of our house. Up in the ceiling, to be exact. How do we know? The noises, the little mews. Dah dia nak terberanak atas tu, nak buat macam mana, kan? So we let it be la even with the constant mews of the little kittens. Which cat yang beranak atas siling tu, I don't even know. We have few stray cats (or neighbor's cats) around the house area, so I can't really tell which of them gave birth.

Anyways, after 3 or 4 days, I noticed 1 little consistent mew. For 2 days and 2 nights, the mew never stop. Only 1 single mew, day and night. Alamak, I thought, the mother left her kitten or what? After 2 days of waiting, just in case the mother came back for that 1 little kitten, we (or rather the husband) decided to go up and check the ceiling.

When husband first got it out. It was a difficult rescue mission, for sure!

True enough, 1 ekor kitten sudah kena tinggal dengan mak dia. Kesian. Maybe the mother forgot? I don't know lah. We brought it down, lepas tu we kinda terpinga-pinga kejap. Eh, nak buat apa dengan anak kucing ni? It was so small, so little, so fragile, I was afraid that we might break the little poor thing. Tapi mengiau bukan main kuat lagi kau. I guess it was hungry. 2 hari kot dok mengiau atas siling tu. Nasib baik tak kena makan dek tikus ke musang ke apa.

So little, so fragile. But yet, frantically kicking every time we picked it up.

Because we were so clueless, tak terpikir pun nak google ke apa, we gave the little kitten susu yang dalam kotak tu. Logically, it must be hungry la kan. The lil one drank it anyway, through a small straw. Like I said, we were clueless. The rescue was done on a Thursday morning some more, nak pi kerja, tak boleh nak pikir sangat. We wrapped the kitten in a kain, put it in a box then we were off to work, all the time praying and hoping that the kitten will be safe.

At the office, barulah google everything up about newborn kitten. So I found out they cannot drink cow's milk sebab kittens cannot tolerate lactose. Dang. I didn't even check if the little kitten's body is cold to the touch. Dang again. I read up, shared with the husband. We were like excited parents kot. But I was worried the whole day. Anak kucing kecik je kot. What if dia tak survive? What if balik rumah je, dia dah mati? I could not bear the thoughts. Balik tu, we looked for a pet shop, found one and straight away bought a feeding bottle and formula milk (goat's milk) for kitten.

The botol and the susu. Susu is RM 25.20, botol is RM 7.90

Balik rumah, check, yay, it's still alive! Mengiau dengan sangat kuatnya siap. Little fella must be super duper hungry. So husband cleaned it up, I made the milk and tried to feed it. It was awkward at first. Awkward gila! I mean, kena pegang betul-betul to feed the kitten because it was moving frantically! Tak ke naya kalau susu masuk hidung karang? Nevertheless, we managed to feed the kitten. Barulah stop mengiau. Fuh, legaaaaaaa!

So after 2 @ 3 weeks taking care of the little kitten, I am happy to report that the little one is still pretty much alive and kicking and mengiau dengan kuat bila dia lapar. I had very little expectation at the beginning. A little kitten without the mother... I dunno if it is going to survive for long. But hey, it is still with us today! Minum susu makin banyak. Unfortunately, we had to leave it hari-hari bila pergi kerja. So that means no susu during the day. So sorry, kitty.

We're not certain of the gender of the kitten, yet. Husband said jantan, because he can see the balls (bahaha!). But I think the kitten is a still a little too small to tell now. We don't even have any specific name yet for the kitten! I just call it 'Kecik', but husband alternates between 'Leman' and 'Baby' at times. I just hope the kitten won't grow up with identity crisis. 

Takde gambar latest sebab susah nak ambik gambar dia. Tak duduk diam punya anak kucing ni! Problem now is, we'll be going to Langkawi early April for 3 days. We don't have anyone to jaga the kitten yet while we're away. Nak minta tolong Mama is impossible kot because it have to be fed manually. Adoi. Cemana ni?

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