Thursday, March 26, 2015

bye bye love

Baru semalam, cakap pasal anak kucing. Baru semalam. I found out the gender as well. It's a girl.

And last night, she left us. She died in my own hands.

Little kitty in memory...

When we got home yesterday, we saw that she was already weak. Macam demam. Hidung berair, shallow breathing. Lepas Maghrib, terus cari vet, but unfortunately vet semua dah tutup. Went home, tried to keep her comfortable and warm. Susu tak nak minum langsung. But she kept making this very small and weak meowing sound. It broke my heart.

Around 11.00 p.m., I heard her meowing again. I picked her up gently, cooed for a while when I suddenly noticed that she wasn't moving anymore. Her breathing stopped. My little kitty, gone. I cried and cried and cried for a good 15 minutes before my husband took her away from my hands and brought her outside to bury her little body. His heart broke as well. We cried in silent for a little while more.

Rest well now, little one, rest well. We'll miss you.


  1. Awww...
    Don't be too sad.
    Little kittens don't have that much chances of surviving without their mother. Sangat sangat rare ada yang survive. They really need their mother.
    The fact that she has survived for good 2-3 weeks is already a kudos to your back.
    She will remembered, of course.

  2. Sedihla jugak sebab dok melayan hari-hari 2-3 weeks dah, tiba-tiba dah takde. Ini yg buat rasa tak nak bela kucing dah ni.

  3. Salah satu sebab saya tak bela kucing lagi dah ialah sebab macam ni laa...

    dah dua kali kehilangan kucing kesayangan.

    Sebab tu sekarang, saya menumpang kasih kucing jalanan jer.. huhuhu


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