Friday, May 08, 2015

jalan-jalan: langkawi

Throwback. Way back to a month ago. LOL.

It was for the husband's birthday, to be exact. Bought the ticket about a year ago when AA had gila punya sale. RM 150 for return tickets for both of us. Gila, no? Tu belum masuk luggage la. Dah masuk luggage, lain cerita. Hehehe.

I always wanted to go to Langkawi. Always. The first time I went, I was 10 years old, I think. That was like 20 years ago, man! Tak reti apa-apa lagi masa tu. I didn't even know kat Langkawi boleh dapat coklat murah. Should I knew back then, harusla arwah Abah kena pow sakan dengan anak-anak dia, kan? Then, last year pergi sekali dengan Mama, tapi pergi balik hari la. Macam Amazing Race masa tu! Sempatla pi tengok orang buat gamat and Makam Mahsuri dan jugak lokasi wajib, Kompleks HIG. Borong coklat. Hahaha!

So this time around, pergi berdua-duaan sahaja. Kemain! Our flight was early morning, pukul 8.30 pagi kau! A word of advice, when you board a plane at KLIA2, do be early. Boarding gate jauh-jauh belaka for domestic flights, I kid you not. We got there in the nick of time, mind you. Termengah-mengah jugakla bila sampai nak board the flight. Reached Langkawi around 9.30am. The weather was so freaking nice, alhamdulillah.

Alright, since we arrived early, it's not possible to check in yet. So I suggested we go to MARDI Agro Technology Park. We rented a Myvi for RM 120 for the duration of our stay (3 days, 2 nights).

Entrance fee so cheap - RM 7.00 for locals.
The agro park visit was fun, tapi sayang, most fruits were not in the season yet. You'd be surprised to learn that they plant passion fruit and grape as well. The park guide will take you around the park, explain to you about some of the fruits. Best of all, you will be served with fruits, buffet style for free. Eat all you want. 

The fruits that we had at MARDI Agro Tech Park. Sweet and juicy!
Our guide was really great, friendly and funny. Mind you, we have many Arabs during that time, and he remembers each of their names. He was entertaining, courteous and rather skilled at taking photos to please the visitors. Memang pro ah abang ni ambik gambar. Here is one example:

Kemain beriya pegang belimbing 'gergasi'!

LOL. There are other photos he took, but I think I'll keep the rest for ourselves la. There's one photo of me konon-konon panjat pokok kelapa. Hilarious, I tell you. Padahal pokok kepala tu pendek je, a bit taller than me. So he asked me to wrap my feet around the coconut tree and he shot the photo from below, kengkonon nampak macam tengah dok panjat pokok kelapa sambil petik buah kelapa la. Hahaha! But it was good fun. Lagi-lagi bila tengok these Arab people yang macam terpegun tengok pokok semalu. Pokok semalu, ok. Kita ni pokok semalu main pijak pandang sebelah mata pun tak hingin. Orang Arab ni, siap ambil gambar pokok semalu. Do go visit the park, okay? 

Next, we went to the Underwater World. We're playing tourist this time around. I mean, why not, kan? Bukan selalu dapat peluang macam ni. Oh, for civil servants, ada special price ya to enter Underwater World. Bring along your staff card and show it to the ticket counter to receive special price. To some people, mesti boring masuk Underwater World. I, on the other hand, spent hours inside. I watched all those sea creatures swimming around in awe, mesmerized. Macam orang jakun pun ada. Macam small kid pun ada.

Pretty fishes all around! Nak bela kat rumah boleh tak?
The place was well kept, that I can tell you. Clean, well maintained. The sea creatures and some other creatures looked healthy, their tanks were spotless.

Spider crabs from Japan. I wonder if they're edible? LOL.

Jakun sikit tengok spider crab ni. Sebab tak pernah tengok. Hahaha!
 We spent so much time in there, we didn't even realize it was already lunch time! Perut pun dah mula la menyanyi lagu rock kapak. So we went out, pondering where to eat. Husband suggested we go to Kuah town to look for food. On the way nak pi Kuah tu, we saw one small kedai makan, Alia ke apa nama dia. From the look of it, locals were the majority of the diner there. Some were in their office attire. You know what they say la kan, eat where the locals eat. And we weren't disappointed at all! Home-cooked lauk, sedap sampai menjilat jari oi! Believe it or not, we had our lunch every single day at that kedai makan. Yep. Tak tipu.

Then, check in time! Yee-haa! Bellies full, setengah hari dah berjalan, we could feel the tiredness seeping in. Ecewah! Tired la sangat. For our stay in Langkawi, we've chosen Malibest Resort, situated on the stretch of the bustling Pantai Chenang. We managed to get a Superior Room for RM 160.00 per night. The room is huge and most importantly, clean. And the view. THE VIEW. I fell in love with Langkawi, head over heels, from the view alone.

How can you not fall in love with this kind of perfection?
Ahhh... I miss Langkawi now.

The view at dusk. Ain't it pretty?
Morning view. Sorry, am a bit obsessed with the view.
Second day, we went for island hopping. We booked the island hopping trip from AB Travel, the same operator that owned AB Motel, not far from Malibest. They offer the best price for tours in Langkawi. The island hopping costed us only RM 25.00 per person. Other operators are charging RM 35.00 per head.

Waiting for the boat to pick us up for the island hopping trip.
The first stop was Pulau Beras Basah. The water was so clear, glinting emerald green in the afternoon sun. Felt like I was in another world, honestly.

Pulau Beras Basah. Jatuh cinta lagi!
The sun was shining brightly, the wind was blowing gently, chasing the heat away. And the water was oh so cool. We took a dip, then just relaxed by the beach, drinking in the beautiful view. I was a bit pissed, though, sebab ada jugak orang buang sampah merata. Botol air, plastik makanan. Bangang betul orang buang sampah merata ni. Takde sivik!

Birthday boy with his tax-free cigar after a dip in the cool water.
Next, it was Pulau Singa Besar for eagle feeding. Unfortunately, tak boleh turun kat pulau ni as the jetty has collapsed and looks like they're not in a hurry to fix it. My guess was they want to keep the visitors away from the eagles. Jadinya, the guide just fed the eagles in nearby. Dia baling kulit ayam into the water and the eagles came out, swooped down upon the food. Majestic creature, really. Didn't manage to take any photo, though.

And the final spot for the island hopping trip was Pulau Dayang Bunting, or the Pregnant Maiden Island. We visited the Dayang Bunting Lake as well. Nak pi tasik tu, you have to climb a bit la. For someone as unfit as me, memang mengah jugakla. But still, I got there. Siap sempat berendam lagi dalam tasik. Kalau orang tanya, nak pi lagi tak Tasik Dayang Bunting, I'll say yes all over again. Best apa!

Tasik Dayang Bunting
Honestly, I had fun. It was the best 3 days of my life. I fell in love with Langkawi. I told husband few times, that we must come back. Kereta kabel tak try lagi, Muzium 3D pun tak pi lagi. We have to come back next time. Angkut sekali my siblings kalau boleh, it'll be more fun. I'll be back, Langkawi, belive me.

Coklat? HAHAHAHA. Mana boleh tinggal.

Nah amek kau!



  1. ahhhh.. dah lama nak pergi Langkawi, tapi tak sampai sampai... hua hua hua...

  2. car rental ada contact no lg x?mcm ok je hrga dia...


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