Thursday, April 23, 2015

makan review: the birdmen co.

I've seen photos and tweets popping up on my timeline regarding Birdmen Co. for quite some time. Another new makan place, I thought, I should check it out. Now, hubby and I, we love chicken wings. The best one we had was in Sabah, but that's another different story. Let's get back to Birdmen. Located at SS15, Subang, The Birdmen Co.'s main attraction is their chicken wings. There are 6 flavors to be devoured - the regular fried, honey mustard, original BBQ,  original hot sauce, garlic parmesan and Asian Sensation. There is also a sample platter consisting of all 6 flavors of the wings. Other items on the menu are Crispy Loaded Potato Skin, Two-Hands Burritos and desserts (only cakes for now). Soft drinks, Teh Botol Sosro and Gems bottled drinks are also available.

Right. Let's get this on. The first item we tried was the Crispy Loaded Potato Skin.

Crispy Loaded Potato Skin - RM 12.00 for 3 pieces.

The potato skin was quite promising, to be honest. The stuffing of cream cheese, cheese sauce and beef bacon -- they're generous with the stuffing/topping. And it didn't taste bad at all. However, it was not crispy, did not live up to its name. And then we found out the bottom of the skin was hard, macam kulit kayu. I do not know what went wrong, or even if it was suppose to be like that. I've had potato skin before, takde la pulak keras macam kulit kayu kat bahagian bawah tu. So for this potato skin, I'm gonna rate it 3/5, just because of the generous topping.

Next, we had the wings.

Sample Platter - RM 15.00 for 6 pieces
We chose the sample platter so we could taste all the wings. Husband's first tasted the Asian Sensation wings. "Sedap," he said after one bite. Then he proceeded to tell me that it's a bit spicy, the spices used came off a bit strong for his taste. And he said "Coating keras." I took the honey mustard wing and sank my teeth into it. So the batter was a bit hard. Hard, not crispy. I didn't quite like the taste of it -- too sharp and tangy for me so I gave it to husband to finish it up. Next, I tried the regular fried wing. Yep, again batter was hard and the wing was a bit dry. I couldn't finish that one either. And I didn't even want to taste the rest of the wings. I asked husband to finish it all up. 2.5/5 for the wings.

I went for the burritos next. I already felt kinda deflated at this moment, so I was really hoping that the burritos will not completely make our dining experience at The Birdmen Co. a disappointment.

Two-Hands Burritos - RM 15.00 for 12" of tortilla filled with buttermilk-brined chicken strips, guacamole, special sauce, cheese, lime rice and beans.

On the first bite, I thought, hey, not bad. At the second bite, though, it changed. The chicken strips were, unfortunately dry and tasted weird. The sauce was too sour-ish for my liking, too acidic. It kinda overpowered the overall taste of the burritos since you could taste nothing but the acidity of the sauce. It was a struggle to finish half of the burritos, truthfully. My heart sank. Husband will hate the burritos for sure. He hates sour-ish food. And I was right. He took one single bite and his face changed. He put down the other half of the burritos and wiped his mouth. His face fell a bit. I finished the burritos, by the way. I was taught to always finish the food on the table and not to waste any. Biarlah tak sedap macam mana pun. 1.5/5 for the burritos.

Maybe we were unlucky last night. Maybe things went wrong somehow in the kitchen. Chef sakit perut ka, kan? But I should've heed the sign. Sampai-sampai depan kedai, it was deserted. No customer at all. Patutnya masa tu dah tau, it wasn't a good sign. It was still early by KL standard, around 9.30 PM and the place was deserted. Apa punya nasib la. We were disappointed, needless to say. Husband said never again, sekali dah cukup. I thought the same thing. And I got one pengajaran, do not believe the hype on the social media 100%. What a bummer.

Go to The Birdmen Co.'s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more info on their location, operation hours and complete menu and some other promo stuff.


  1. huhuhuhu.. mengecewakan ka?
    Kalau saya, memang tak pergi la kot.. dah laa jauh.. wkwkwkwkw

    1. Memang mengecewakan la. Kat Twitter, Instagram bukan main beriya orang kata sedap la, awesome la apa la. Hancur hatiku berkeping-keping!


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