Thursday, June 15, 2006

whats cookin' dawg?

yesterday evening, after work, as usual, my aunt picks me up. however, it was not as usual yesterday.

as I got myself into the car, my aunt cheerfully said, "kak long masak spaghetti tau arini!"

and I was disoriented for like 5 secs... my brain tried to digest every word as I look at my aunt's smiling face. and I was like... holy cow!!! me!? cook spaghetti? for her family? WTF? I just smiled my stupid smile and simply said "OK". I. am. demented.

ok, people, here's the real deal. I can cook. but that is it. at least, I think so. I usually cook for my family, never other people because honestly, I don't see myself as a good cook, let alone a great one. unlike my mother, I cook only because I have to. my mother, she loves it. what we both have in common is this: we love to experiment in the kitchen. hers always turned out to be a bang and mine... well, just about ok la... (because my siblings are piranhas. they will eat anything)

so, back to the I-have-to-cook-spaghetti-for-my-aunt's family matter. I've cooked spaghetti before, number of times for my family. they weren't as good as my mom's but thank God no one ever contracted any food poisoning *phew*. so I am suppose to cook for my aunt's family. spaghetti bolognaise. really. my brain was in jumble. I was thinking "alamak... I am so dead. whoever told her I can cook must be crazy. alamak...". and then, my aunt asked me "eh, what do you need?" I nearly told her I need to call my mom to pick me up right at the moment, but instead, my traitorous mouth said "emm... bawang dgn tomato" (onion & tomatoes). hahahaha... thats a good one gal.

I was tempted to call my mom and ask her how exactly will I survive this... but then, something hit me. dang, I'm being so drama-queenly! spaghetti! hah, easy-peasy! and so, as I got home, changed my clothes (not straight away la. shared wedges and fries with my cousins, azlan and azrin first. yummy!) and got to work. in my mind at that time, I was thinking, "yes, yes, I'll show them that I can cook. small matter what. this is easy." and indeed it was. I kinda enjoyed it actually. one time, azrin came into the kitchen and said "masak sedap2 tau!" no, I did not have the urge to hit his big head with the ladle. I just laughed. whatever you said, buster!

in the end, the spaghetti was a hit *grins*. azrin even said "sapela yg masak sedap sgt ni..."

am I cool or what? ;p


  1. hey umi, good for you... i can't even cook some decent nasi goreng without having to refer to my mom every bloody second k? hahaha

  2. hahaha...
    nasi goreng...just goreng telur, put in perencah nasi goreng seri aji and tadaa!nasi goreng kampung lagi u! :p


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