Wednesday, June 28, 2006

and the saga continues...

Hahahaha... I'm having a good laugh on the whole "Norman guy" matter. Bet you are, too. Sometimes I feel like "kesian dia" as well, but, well... lets face it, he doesn't deserve it after all the stupid things he said. One thing I cannot tahan: stupid people.
He still hasn't give up, yet. Keeps sms-ing me
I tau i dh buat salah. x boleh ke u maafkan i? i betul2 nak berkwn dgn u
This fella is really thicker than kulit durian. I am sooo tempted to tell him to piss off but I think that it is better for me to ignore him. Save my credit as well mahh... hehehe. I don't get it really. What does he really want from me? We don't know each other. Well, at least I don't really know him. I only gave him brief replies so far
  • belum mkn
  • yes
  • no
  • x tau
  • ntah
  • ok
  • a'ah

and something along that line la. Never showed that I am interested whatsoever with him. So why is he being a "persistent lil bastard" (as manny so aptly put it)? Cannot "give him any more muka" (lynne) because this kind of person will never learn.

Kalau u terangsang, ape yg u akan buat?

Once he even had the guts to ask me that question. Shit, I thought.

U ni dah x ade soalan lain ke nak tanye? I X SUKE SOALAN MCM TU.

I thought I made it clear to him. But then, that question came before the "measurements" question. So he never did get it. *sigh*. I should have known by then.

However, I got the kick I needed from this whole thing. At least I can laugh about it. Not to mention manny's ideas: 'investigating police officer' and lawyer and my-dad-is-a-member-of-JAKIM and I-am-actually-a-guy. Hilarious. Maybe we could pull all of that on this Norman guy. More fun, no? Thanks anyway, guys. I'll keep you updated on this whole thing.

*Eeeks... another missed call from him. The total is now 10 missed calls. Gile!


  1. "...betul2 nak berkwn dgn u..."

    haahaha my first thought was not to fill in the missing vowels a & a, but a & i :p

    susah lah kan, he seem sto be stubbornly thick skinned refusing to understand your stand. thinking with his dick kott... harrrumph! men!

  2. hahaha...yela kot tu lynne. i even had to switch off my phone last nite.

    heres the latest sms (as of 5.21pm)...

    "tlg la jwb call i ni..klu u x nak cakap x pa biar i yg cakap u dgr je..pls..umi.."


  3. i want to be the lawyer, i want to be the lawyer...

    p/s- maybe this norman guy is someone you know? he wouldn't have insisted so much if he was random.

  4. i know this is weird.but i just gotta checkout ur blog for this 'norman guy' updates.

    "tlg la jwb call i ni..klu u x nak cakap x pa biar i yg cakap u dgr je..pls..umi.."

    seriously kenot go la ayat dia. hes acting like hes ur bf already. to me, if my bf acts like this, i'll be like 'awwww ok baby'..when a stranger does this..its just plain CREEEEEEEPY! hehe.

  5. adiba, u can be the lawyer. can saman for "mengganggu ketenteraman awam" or not? lol.

    ikurh...yeah, now that u mention it, it IS downright creepy.uh-oh...

  6. haha...and he continues to call even still, haiz time for some drastic action i'd reckon... I'm still gonna hold on to the either the "I'm-a-guy" and or the "My-dad's-a-JAKIM-member" bit...heck, even adiba is on it willing to pose the 'lawyer' or wait evil ideas popping into head now...tell him your a that, that'll only make the lil' dunce tell him your an angry dominatrix...haha...ok i need sleep...will get back to ya once more evil thoughts pop

  7. This msg came at 10:51p.m-

    "umi..u masih marah lg kat i ke?i btl2 minta maaf kat u..pls.."

    and i got like, 15-20 missed calls from him.


    "Umi..i harap ari ni u dptlah reply sms i.walau pun sepatah ayat.i dah x tahu nak buat camna lg,utk u maafkan i"

    good God!if he is my boyfriend, i'd be cair by then. but, no. this is waaaaay to creepy for me. another 8 missed calls.


    "i,slmt pg..camna pagi ni ok ke?harapkan pagi ni u ceria hendaknya.."

    and 4 missed calls so far.

    ok. he is definitely acting like some sort of madman and it is starting to freak me out. he seems so determined, don't u think?

    and yeah, the theory that he cuold be my friend or someone I know seems completely reasonable.

    maybe i should layan him and see if i could figure this all out?

  8. Seems like this is getting a lil out of hand. Perhaps you should file a report, I'm serious this time around though. Lotsa crazies out there that act out of impulse. Some crazy enough to kidnap and what not. Just be careful,ok. People like these tend to do dangerous things. There's NO fine line between courting and stalking, it's a huge divide between them both and this guy is clearly on the 'stalker' side of the river. Whatever you do just be careful though, I mean i'm sure you've read the news about stuff like this and all.

  9. yeah manny...u r absolutely rite. a friend of mine was just telling me the same. it is getting a lil out of hand. do i have a potential stalker lurking somewhere in the dark? *shivers*

  10. mamat ni horny ke apa?pegi layan citer blue sudah.


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