Tuesday, June 27, 2006

you've got to be kidding me!

Somehow I just know this Norman guy is up to no good. Well, pretty early to decide but well... lets just say my instincts never lie.

Out of curiousity (and boredom, of course), I replied his sms yesterday. First of all, he lied about getting my number randomly

I main tekan2 aje, then dapatla number u...
Ok then. I was wondering why the hell he still insist to know me if I'm not replying any of his sms. What if I'm a guy? Did he not think about the possibility? He actually sounded pathetic at one time
Kenapa u x reply sms I ni? Boleh x kite sms mlm ni? I boringla..
Yeah dude, unlike you, I have other things to do than entertaining you. Then, this sms came...
Kenape ni umi? I nak kwn dgn u aje umi. Kenape u x reply msg i umi...
Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Random my ass dude!! I never reply your sms, then how come you know my name?
I teka je name u umi...
Dude, really, you are thicker than kulit durian! You think I'd fall for that? Enough is enough la brudder.

I minta maaf. Sebenarnye I dpt number u dr member I yg pernah chatting dgn u. Dia yg bg name u. Mase dia bg tu I tgh frust. Dia guna nick Romeo. X taula u igt ke x...

No, I don't remember anyone that goes with that nickname. Another lie? And are you on the rebound Mr. Norman? Sorry dude, not my type at all.

U ni mcm mane orgnye? I kuning langsat, 67kg, tnggi lampai...

Something along that line la. Yeah, like I really care.

Ukuran badan u berape ye? I just nak tau je...

Huh? Ok. Normal question (MAYBE!). I avoided that question by saying that I'm fat. The truth la :p. He asked another question, which I do not remember (clearly bored by that time) and then...

Bgtaula ukuran badan u berape... I just nak imagine je...

No, no. Don't react. Be cool. He's just wondering what do I look like really. Yeah, right. I got way too many of this stuff already. I've been through this actually (yes, wani, I know lots and lots of pervert). The next thing he'll probably ask is the size of my bra.

U dalam bilik ke sekarang? I tgh boringla. U boring x?

By this time, folks, I was out cold. Dreamland is much MUCH better...

So, tell me, am I being paranoid or what?

**Come on manny, I know you have something to say! :p


  1. yikes! sounds like trouble (but of course the a***ole will just say he's "being friendly" or "just play-play only" or whatever lamebrained excuse he can think of)... asking someone for their "measurements" is unacceptable, especially in Malaysia!!?!! kalau tanya "live" sure disepak mukanye, kan??

    so far this is just sms'ing, right? he's not calling, is he? that would be REALLY imposing unwanted attention on you...

    if it were me, I'd just ignore the txt msgs. and if you phone (or phone provider!) has a "block caller / blacklist" service available, block/blacklist it.

    don't give him any more "muka"... let him get his kicks elsewhere!

    (hehehe, that's *my* 2sen worth)

  2. heyya lynne,good 2 c u :p

    this guy is indeed trouble with a capital T. he actually called, like, dah beratus kali and I ignore it.

    today, he proves his a***ole-ness. yep, he inquired the size of my chest! i have to laugh really. so expected la. anyway, that was it. i told him "that question was the end of all this crap dude. hasta la vista!" and he keeps sending sms saying he's sorry. yeah rite.

    got like 5-7 missed calls from thta norman guy. *sheeeeshh*.must be desperate. lol

  3. I used to help a friend at a bar for a few weeks awhile ago and the first thing i learned is that people drink some pretty weird-ass shit. The second thing I learned was that almost every guy there used pick up lines to chat up with a gal he's a complete stranger to. It's so rife its almost a parody itself - sort of a kitschy, "so-bad-it's-good" kind of thing. I've seen some pretty weird lines been used on girls by guys for a hook up and believe you me some are very peculiar indeed. I've heard the very cliche' "have we met before" line to the more absurd "Baby, I wanna be your bra". The one 'Norman' tried "main tekan2 aje, then dapatla number u.." is a lot more common then you'd think, NO not the exact words...lol... but its common in execution. I know guys that rifle through college year books to find girls cellphone numbers only to later 'accidentally' call them. So don't be too alarmed by the whole deal. However, the question regarding the umm... 'dimensions' of your 'chest area' asked by him is, tough lovely as you are, is a tad bit out of line... lol.. Maybe he didn't realise that he was being obnoxious or maybe he did. What is it with some guys like him who seem to desperataly try and try and yet fail horribly in the art of courting a lass..one might ask?! No one knows for sure really, but if i have to say. I think its because some of em' live in a world of "What the hecks!!", that translated from 'Stupid-to-English' basically means that some of em' live a life that lacks forethought about the consequence of their words and or actions. I'm proud and I applaud your high self-worth in not succumbing to such coquet dished out by an imbecellic buffon like him, however the reality of it is that some girls do yield to such dallies. And those are the kinda girls these guys prey upon, the underlying idea behind the whole "random number" concept is that if you dial enough numbers your bound to hit gold with at least one. At any rate, if your curious you can check who he is by swinging by any major maxis/celcom/digi/etc... that yur subscribed to and ask them to look his number up on their systems. Everyone needs to be registered now according to the governments new 'Cellular Communications Act' so i'd reckon he COULD may as well been registered. Then maybe you can give him a scare of your own...lol...I'd be happy to pose as the 'investigating police officer' in charge of a sexual harrasment case...haha...

    PS:- Regarding the virus issue you mentioned, I'm not entirely sure as to what type of virus it is so here's McAfee's virus list of the Rontokbro type virus, try to run a sytem scan again in both normal and safe mode to find out what type it is. If it can't be found even after you've updated the Anti-Virus software and ran the scan then chances are that whatever file that your running when the virus alert popped up is infected. That being the case, simply delete the file, clear the bin. Nothing to worry about the seriousness of the virus though, it's payload is fairly small in comparison to todays 'digital killers', it's just a worm that infect your computer and starts mass mailing crap/spam to others. Worst case scenario is that it slow down your system a bit.

  4. This norman guy is really one obnoxious guy. he asked me this:

    "bahagian body u yg mane plg seksi? I, bahgian dada"

    he meant to say that he has sexy chest...lol. I think he is truly desperate la.

    and you wouldn't believe other things he had said to me after the whole thing. yes, he apologizes profusely, but the damage is done (I believe so).

    "Ex-girl I x kisah bile I tanye benda2 mcm tu, so I igt u pn x kisahla. U kate u x pakai tudung, so I igt u x kisah kalau I tanye mcm tu. I silap sangka kat u. I selalu tanye ex-girl I mcm tu, tp skarang dia dh blah"

    his exact words.lamebrained excuse, indeed. first of all, if I don't wear tudung, he simply assumed that I won't mind being asked that kind of question. really. just how stupid can one be? let me make it clear here that I don't have anything against sex. my friends and I talk about it. I am fine about the subject, but being asked for my "measurements" (as lynne put it :p) is a whole different matter. tudung or not, respect is what everyone commands.

    secondly, the statement "...tp dia dh blah" showed that his girl left (why, I wonder). so, am I being the substitute for the girl? wrong person dude.

    all in all, this guy is a complete jerk.

  5. yep ummi, a total asshole not worth mentioning.

    p/s- manny, i like the "investigating police officer" idea. give it a try la.

  6. So he still calls huh..?! Persistant lil' bastard now isn't he.lol. I reckon he's just fishing for a positive response from you with his risque messages. Probably would explain why he's so insistant about knowing your umm... curves..lol. Chances are he's just hankering you with these messages in hopes of coaxing you into his lil "naughty chat". I got two sordid ideas of turning this into something fun. 1) Join him in the chat, get him all hot and heavy, and just before the 'heat' turns into 'fire', tell him your a guy, heck I help by calling him uf need be..lol.. the thought of being jacked off to a guy should haunt him for years to come..lol and B) Tell him your Dad is a member of JAKIM, that should shrink his balls down to a raisin's...lol

    ps/ yeah adiba, you can pose as the lawyer too, makes it more 'reaL'... ummi make the call...haha :P

  7. hey hey, this is getting fun now. lol.yep, manny, he is a persistant lil bastard. keeps begging me to reply his sms.

    "U masih marahkan i ke, walaupun i minta maaf. u nak i buat apa supaya u x marah kat i lg"

    is this guy demented or what? he keeps sms-ing me every 5 mins. is he *that* desperate? couldn't he understand that I do not wish to have any affiliation whatsoever with him? haiyyah...mmg trouble la this guy.

    "I x ramai kwn perempuan kalau u nak tau. dan i ni jenis yg setia pd seorang sj"

    yeah rite. obsessed and desperate is more like it

  8. haha..corny sungguh laki tu.u did the right thing by ignoring him. i think its one of your friends pulling a sick prank on you. better be careful babe. its a messy world out there.

  9. *IF* it is a friend of mine pulling a sick prank on me, man, he/she will regret it for the rest of his/her life. i don't forget, i get even *winks*


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