Monday, July 03, 2006

~the end~ (thank god!)

Finally, he is bored. You know, the Norman guy. Yeap, the sms and phone calls ceased since Saturday. It did not stop (not yet, anyway) but at least, I am at peace now. I don't have to switch my phone off or freak out everytime there's an incoming message (okay, I am exaggerating here). That guy is beyond obnoxious really. Anyways, enough about him already. 3 posts on him. Enough is enough. Lets move on. Wanna thanks all those people who gave me their 2 cents. Thank you very much guys!!!


  1. da creep's probably found some other chick to harass :p thaynk gawd!

  2. Yeap, thank god. i hope whoever he's harassing will give him a lesson or 2 in respecting other people. but then again, old habit die hard...


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