Friday, June 16, 2006

I will not succumb to stupidity!

Read this.

I am in total agreement with Rose Ismail.

come on people, think about it. realistically. our countrymen (the politicians and alike) are full of bullshits and craps. or... are they the ones with fragile faith? come on la... kongsi raya is not going to make me jump ship whatsoever! I have lotsa friends and not all of them is muslim. I went to their houses during CNY or deepavali, eat their food and mix around with them and surprise! I am still a muslim. it is a tradition. this is MALAYSIA. yes, our official religion is Islam. but what I learn is, Islam does not discriminate other religion!!! get your heads straight wahai ulama2 sekalian. do not embarass the religion itself.

it makes me wonder la really...
kongsi raya is suddenly a big issue. the ulamas think that it will corrupt the akidah of the muslims. hellllooooooo... what about all the corruptions going on in the government?? itu lagila salah. haram. what about all the MPs that makan gaji buta? haram jugak. they have the amanah from the rakyat to do their job. all they do is sit on their fat ass and talk and talk and talk. but what do they (the ulamas) do? close one eye la. find a big issue to distract the people. better still, be controversial, use the religion (somehow a certain flag with green colour with a full moon in the middle jump into my mind). yeah, macam sial.
don't these people (politicians and alike. yes, that includes the ulamas too) realize that what they are doing is way above stupid? wait. they are stupid. that's that.
thank god my mother taught me better than that.


  1. yeah, like wtf? are we gonna be bad muslims just because we enjoy chinese new year as much as hari raya or the fact that we join our hindu friends during deepavali?

    i really can't see the relevance.

    the perak mufti said the liberalism and pluralism are on the rise nowadays and that these so called liberal muslims could somehow memesong muslims' akidah. just what the hell is liberalism and pluralism anyway? am i gonna be considered liberal if i drop by a friend's house during christmas just to wish him merry christmas?

    the mufti is sooo full of crap


  2. i loved malaysia awhole lot more when i was kid, no regard to religion, creed or color whatsoever...when i saw an indian, muslim, chinese, sikh, etc walking down the street i didn't see religon. i only saw people. Everything changed when we went to school and realised that there was a moral and agama class...maybe that where we went wrong. Instead of teaching our kids to identify their own religion, they should first learn to identify that the kid that sits next to them is not a muslim or an indian or a chinese but another malaysian. afterall isn't that what being a malaysian is all about. The ability to associate ourselves with various races and religion..?!...or perhaps im wrong....

  3. it is indeed sad when we have to go through all of these craps. we were taught n reminded of muhibah-ness and yet now, we've been told that kongsi raya is WRONG.yup. wtf?what would the ulama do when they find out that i bought CNY, deepavali n christmas cards every year to send out to my friends? maybe i'd be considered as liberal too... rite adiba?

    yeah was much2 better back then. why make one's religion an issue? we are all MALAYSIAN. that what matters.

    i just wish that one day when i say that i am a malaysian, i won't be so embarassed....

  4. i'd agree with adiba, had a couple of malay friends back in high school, both were severely contrasting of each other. One would stop by my place for Christmas and sometimes Thanksgiving and I'd do like wise for Raya but the other completely flip out when I gave her a Kongsi Raya card, (it was a card a few years back when Raya and Christmas coincide). Her dad actually called me up and said it was "Impropper". Mind the fact that her old man was the head in the neighbourhood "semangat muhibah tetangga" (it was a group founded for the neighbourhood folks to come together and organise inter-racial functions like kenduri and stuff)..Ironic isn't it..?.. I mean, what the fruit!! Why do people run their mouths so often about "racial unity" when they segregate themselves the first chance they get to bond with one another. hypocrites!!!

  5. hey manny...whaddya know?hypocrites are another race in malaysia as far as i'm concerned :p

    the MPs are hypocrites, the head of something-or-other is a fact, most of the so-called leaders are hypocrites.

    my sis said this to me recently:
    dah berape tahun kite dok kongsi raya, statistik org islam peluk agama lain meningkat secara mendadak ke? ape mufti perak tu ade akal ke tak?? ke...sengaja nak cari pasal?

    yeah sis. you put it ever so aptly.

  6. yep..well said indeed...


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