Monday, June 19, 2006

It is all about the money, isn't it?

Check this one out

Ok. the questions that pop into my mind as soon as I finish reading it...
  • so this means these people work for money and money only?
  • this means, without the raise, they cannot perform?
  • without the raise, they cannot help the rakyat?
  • what about the others outside kelantan who earn 10% more but do nothing?
  • referring to the question above: what the hell does "raise the allowance of state assemblymen by 10% so that they can provide better service to the people" means???

I know that money motivates people. but (bear with me for a sec or two here), come on la... we don't have to look so far. are all the said people (state assemblymen) doing their job? if they do, are they doing it properly? here and there we could hear complaints coming from the rakyat (clogged drains, water and air pollution, factories operating ilegally etc. etc.). the complaints mostly goes under the bridge. it took the newspapers and TV3 to make the state assemblymen notice (yeah, here comes the publicity.good for the campaign what...). why? something must be wrong, right? state assemblymen outside kelantan have the 10% advantage. so how come they do not "provide better service to the people"?

perhaps I'm wrong. perhaps things will change for good. but... here I am, being me, I am sceptical. the clowns are doing their stuff. the circus is indeed in town...

p/s: let me know what you think.

hey, look. imagine 'the people' here...


  1. LOL. Whats the raise gonna do, i wonder too. It's not like they've made much of a difference with their current ammount. Suddenly I'm suppose to believe that they're gonna roll up their sleeves and get into the foxhole with the rest of us just because of a 10% raise..?? if anything I think they'd probably take up another 'bini' to add to their collection now that they can support an extra one. there's just to much suppresion for womens rights there.

  2. that's a good one manny. lol. yup, another 'bini' coming right up for them!

    just how many craps these people can cook...

  3. I guess between the AP scandal, MRR2 (and countless other flawed crackheaded projects courtesy of SamyVellu) and now this, there's really no telling how far..or rather how low they can sink. Malaysia Boleh!!! lol

  4. yeah manny, totally agree wit u on that. i live in kepong, the mrr2 rite in my face every friggin day. the traffic jam and all...sheeesshh!first there was the construction, the noise, the dirt that stuck on the, it was horrible!and now, this! i love kepong so much to move away anyway...guess i just have to live with it just like any other malaysian...

  5. 10% raise = more wives, more overseas vacation, more embezzelment, more reasons to sit back and do nothing

  6. Ahhh...It's so warm and cosy here in Malaysia, we're insulated by layers of


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