Wednesday, November 15, 2006

mind your own language laa!!!

There is much buzz about the ministry's move to ban dramas with rojak language lately and I have to say I disagree with the move. I strongly believe that rojak language very much reflects our lifestyle. It may be a good move from the ministry to improvise "penggunaan bahasa" among the rakyat but lets not forget that there are just some things that cannot be changed.
But, alas! So many things could be different. You see, I love books. I love to read. It's a passion. I read English novels mostly (no, I'm not bragging). I used to read Malay novels, but as I grew up, Malay novels just lost its charm. Recently, one Malay novel caught my attention. I once read a novel by that author and... well, lets just say I got disgusted. The author is none other than Liana Afiera Malik. The first one I read was 1,2,3...I Love You! and I have to say that I hate the book! Yes, I. HATE. IT.
So, what makes me read the second one? I once read The Star where one reader condemned this second book. Yes, condemned. Why, you may ask. Here's the reason folks : THE ENGLISH IS HORRIBLE!!! Now, I'm not saying that my English is good but at least I did not write a book that will be read by lots and lots of people. She should at least be responsible in her writing. This second book is entitled Jealous La Pulak! Eh, wait a minute... that's rojak-laaa!!!
The characters in this book are high-class people. Blue-blood, or in Malay we said "bangsawan". The main characters were raised in London. So, they should speak excellent English, right? Wrong!
  • Anyway my sis, I'm not a squirrells. And I really do hate chestnut!
  • Sorrylah Kuz, I can't joint you today. I'm really tired. I need an enough sleep.
  • No matter what is happen to him, he's still my friend!
  • Why don't you invite her to joint us?
  • We're just break off!
  • Don't put the blamed on your head.
  • It's happened regularly!
  • Tapi everything happen so sudden.

Hmm... need I to say more?


  1. no comment on the subject.. but kalau kite tgk, perbualan harian org kite pon rojak jugak.. so??

    bg Frat^boy, tak suka tgk cerita yang skripnye skema.

  2. aii frat...
    mmg perbualan harian org kita rojak,segala mcm bahasa campur...

    but...di sini saye cume menghighlightkan perkara2 yg nyata salah penggunaannya dl sebuah novel...


  3. omg that sounds so horrible! Kalau nak rojak pun, at least make it correctly rojak... but like you said, if the characters are supposed to be high-class London-based Melayu, I expect them to speak proper Englah lah.. yikes!!

  4. yeah lynne, i expected the same but i guess the expectation is much too high(?).

    when i was done with book, i was thinking "could i burn the book?".but then it isn't mine, thank God!

    my sisters were like;

    i guess that sums it all up



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