Tuesday, July 03, 2007

moving on

I am glad to know that the rest of the family is doing great after what happened in January. Everyone is going on like usual. Life is, thankfully, back to normal for us. Well... maybe not as normal. Occassionally, Abah will be mentioned here and there. Sometimes, I thought that the way we mention Abah, it's like he is never gone... like he'll pop-up anytime soon. Another wishful thinking, I suppose.

Looking back, I have to say that life certainly improves for the household. When Abah was around, Mama is always kinda reluctant to spend on luxurious items. Her excuse: Abah will know that she has loads of money. We (my sis and me) always thought that Mama is being ridiculous. Well... what do we know really, right? The world of the adults. Now, however, Mama is trying her best to bring more than comfort to our lives. Mama is doing her very best to be the perfect mother. You are always the perfect mother for us anyway, Mama.

And my sisters and brother, they are growing up so fast that I could not even believe it. And truth be told, I am proud of them. They are holding up strong and good. The laughter never fades. We are a crazy bunch really. We are loud. And we are definitely close to each other. We always will have each other. And I thank God for that.

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