Sunday, August 12, 2007

and so it begins...

The time has indeed come. This time around, you will know where more than half of the male population in Malaysia will be at during weekend. Home, mapley... anywhere where there is the game, they will be there. Yes, folks, the game has indeed begin. The English Premier League is here yet again for the season 2007/2008. I see another domination by the Devils. Hate to admit it but that's the truth anyway. I'll keep tuning on no matter what. Because it is the most beautiful game in the world...

UPDATE: Well, well, well... seems like my prediction was a bit off. It could still be early to say, but whaddya know? Manchester United only managed to scrape 2 draws so far! And Ronaldo managed to pick up a red card while Wayne Rooney is out injured. Oh yeah, I'm happy! The Blues, meanwhile is doing just fine. Injuries? No worries. They still got class. Watch out for Manchester City, Arsenal, Newcastle United and Everton, though, for this season. Lets just hope they won't lose the momentum soon. This week's games: Liverpool vs. Chelsea, the Manchester derby. Cooooolll~!

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