Thursday, July 31, 2008

a july wrap-up

Ahh... how time flew. July is drawing its curtain close and August will descend upon us. Ramadhan is just around the corner. Can't wait for it.

It has been an eventful July, I must say. As eventful as it is, not all of it is pleasant and memorable. One in particular hurt the family in a way. One in particular makes us stop and think very hard of the step we take. It is hard to keep everybody in the family in line. Harder still to keep an eye on each and everyone of us when we have our very own lives to run with our very own set of problem. Not that I'm saying I'm neglecting my family, not in a million years, but I thought we had it okay. I never thought that something like that would happen in our family. Well, I guess there's always a first time for everything.

Sometimes, I feel like it would be so damn easy to just let go and let things take its own course. But then again, how could I just sit and watch everything go by? I would regret it in the end. I am disappointed, nevertheless. Because of the incident, people are talking behind our back now. One of my sisters expressed her frustration to me last night. I didn't tell her, but it was hurtful. Every word was like a knife slicing through my heart. What hurts the most was the fact that my mother's capability and commitment as a mother is questioned by those people. It doesn't matter that her other child turned out good, does it? One bad apple and you are not a good mother. How so very easy to point fingers.

Speculation and wild gossip are being whispered behind our back. It's a sad thing, it makes me angry, but what can I do? You cannot shut the mouth of the people. Mulut tempayan boleh la tutup. Sigh. Whatever happened, I believe there's a hikmah behind it. Do I blame my sister for it? Yes, I do. Do I want to slap her senseless? Yes, I would love to. Do I want her to repeat her antiques again? Try and she'll regret it for the rest of her life. I'm using up every fiber of my beings to stop myself from wringing her pretty little neck and make her feel sorry for what she had done.

And another one got himself suspended from school for two weeks. Wonderful, huh? I do not know how my mother is taking all this in but I'm about to turn into Incredible Hulk anytime now. Sheesh!

That, my friends, is a July wrap-up from me. How's yours?


  1. oih! who got suspended??

    btw, my july sux. nothing good came frm july. its a month full of sucky-ness... i hope august will totally revert everything back

  2. wow, what happened?

    i completely fucked july too, even though something good came up in the form of the dark knight.

  3. Suria: "And another one got himself suspended from school for two weeks." Take a guess.

    Wani: Teenagers. That's what happened.

  4. it was a platonic month. nothing really fancy neither really bad happened.

    good news was i'm going to 2 cheap,express vacation in july. enjoying it but that was it.

    mom are tailored to take such obstacle. their heart is soft enough to comfort you and hard enough to endure the kitchen sink the world throw at her. a woman heart named mom is indeed splendid.


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