Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a sweet escape

Naaahh, I did not go to Langkawi for a holiday just like I always wanted to.

It's just that feeling of being with someone that makes the whole world disappear for a second or two. That someone who makes your heart flutter and makes you grin foolishly. That someone who will always be the ear that will listen and the shoulder to cry upon. That someone who will held your hand and let you know that you are indeed loved. That someone who will sooth you with gentle words and makes you laugh. That someone who will always make you feel safe whenever you are together and makes you feel special. That someone who you could just escape to, in reality or in a dream.


I miss that feeling.


  1. damnn!!! i miss dat feeling too.. huwaarrgghhh.. ampeh dowh

  2. ehemm.. who's that someone ;)

  3. i miiiisss that feeling sooo much! demit! haha

  4. incik man: we are in the same boat!

    kak neeza: tgh mencari2 ni. :P

    suria: owh. kita serupaaaa~


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