Friday, August 01, 2008

uhh... excuse me??

I'm sorry, I just could not stop from laughing as I read this. It's just so darn hilarious! I mean, come on laa! Even if the price is cheap, even if they "will be as fast as computers using Intel Pentium 4 processors", I won't even dream to buy it. Imagine, going up to my friend and say "Hey, look at my brand new lappie! The name's Dola, i-Dola," Hahahahahahahaha. So bloody ridiculous! Oh, and their codename is Mak Cik.

It may be inappropriate for me to laugh and make fun of it, but I just can't stop myself. So, do we pronounce the i-Dola as 'E-Dola' or 'Eye-Dola'? How about the Jean-i? Do we pronounce it as 'Jean-Eye' or 'Genie'? Oh my God. I can't stop laughing.

People doesn't even like the man himself (it's the truth!), I don't know about a laptop named after him. Bad marketing move, I believe.

Tell me what you think. Will you buy it?


  1. hahaha.. u make my day sweetie.. LOL

  2. omg
    i goin to mati dgn perasaan malu
    i-DOLA?? pak dolah adela! die dolah, 'mak cik' 2 bini die la ye???

  3. hahahahaha...real damn funny
    as if no other names la...

  4. hahahha ~ this is Fillarious ~ wahahahahahaha and they should stampede Buatan Malaysia logo on the laptop... lol ~

  5. dengar brand pun dah tak berkenan...

    camna nak beli...hehhe hehhe

    baik beli cap ayam punya :D

  6. incik aries: my pleasure *wink*

    kakak: or should we say 'eeeeeeee-dolah'???

    kak reen: x kreatif langsung la diorg ni kan. mesti kaki bodek kan.

    easternc: ya2. maybe they shud put a picture of the namesake as well. LOL

    may: x kompiden langsung dgr name eee-dolah kan. ish3


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