Monday, August 04, 2008

batman: the dark knight

If there's a movie you should really really watch this year, it would have to be The Dark Knight. It is the best Batman movie ever. Period. It's dark, it's enthralling, it's... it's just the best movie I've seen so far this year. I hardly blinked during the period of the movie. That's how good the movie is. I refuse to elaborate more on the movie as I believe you guys should really go and see it for yourself. But I do have few things to say about the actors. Should I warn you about spoilers ahead? Well, consider yourself warned, anyway.

First of all, to the late Mr. Heath Ledger. Heath, you gave the Joker a whole new definition and dimension. You made Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the Joker looks like a child's play. You are the Joker, Heath. You gave me the chill with your sadistic performance. It was not the Heath I knew from 10 Things I Hate About You. It was a whole new Heath Ledger and I love every bit of it. That thing you did with your tongue, that voice, that laugh, that purple suit and that nurse get-up. Man, you are the best Joker ever! You are the essence of the Dark Knight. I salute you, Heath!

Why ssso sssserious???

Mr. Christian Bale, you are the next best person to play the role of the Batman. For a long time, I was convinced that no one, not one single person in Hollywood could beat Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman (even though I fancy George Clooney, he's portrayal as Batman was so blah) but you proved me wrong. You rocked Batman, dude! You totally deserves the suit. And the most coveted Batmobile, of course. It's just that it was funny when you go into that husky voice mode when you don the suit.

I am Batman. Can't you see the suit?

You, Mr. Aaron Eckhart, made your presence felt in the movie despite having to share the screen with two main characters. You, as the so-called White Knight of Gotham was believable (though I don't think your kind exist nowadays) and likable. If only I'm not so fascinated by the Joker, maybe I'd fell for you. But then again, you only have your eyes for Rachel Dawes. Sigh. And that two-face effect, I have no idea how the hell they did that, but it did not appear the least bit fake to me. It was very real. And a bit disgusting. After all, half of your handsome face is burnt, exposing the err... not-so-very-handsome side.

I believe in Harvey Dent!

Ms. Maggie Gyllenhaal, you... oh well, honestly, I'm just glad that you died in the end. I am baffled as to why Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent are so head over heels with you. You are ugly, you looked old and... err, droopy. Why Mr. Nolan (Christopher, the director) cast you, I do not know. I would've prefer Katie Holmes more to you, even if I have little liking for her. She, at least does not make one wonder why the Joker called her 'a beauty'.

You don't wanna be messing with me, pal!

There are some surprises left, so go watch it. I gave 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for the Dark Knight. The other half was cut due to the fact that I had to endure Maggie Gyllenhaal for almost 2 hours. Bleargh!

What else did I do on Saturday, besides ogling hot guys in suit and garish makeup? Check it out here.


  1. i luv batman since i was a lil' kid. he was the best superhero ever coz he does not haf any superpower n both his alter ego are cool, n definitely not a loser (unlike spiderman).

    not here, in dark knight. which i must say, i hate it. i hate the fact that batman had to become this bad guy in turn to save harvey's image. i hate it that his alter ago sux.

    this was the worst batman ever.

  2. got to cinema here.. ;)
    ramai yang kata cerita ni best.. betul la kot..

    that lady.. yuckss!! she's errrr.. not pretty at all (wanted to say ugly actually)

  3. suria: actually, i don't care whatever batman did bcos my i watch it mainly because of the JOKER :P

    kak neeza: tu la. heroin ape ntah. haih~

    i know some people disagree with my view about this movie. i only view this movie from the entertainment value and honestly for me, the ingredients are just perfect!


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