Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 minutes...

To some people, 10 minutes is just a short period of time. For some, it could be an eternity. 10 minutes. Which is equal to 600 seconds. Which is not much. Maybe. Lets see what can we do in 10 minutes:
  • Cook Maggi. 10 minutes is more than enough actually. You only need 2 minutes to cook them. Unless you add eggs, veges etc. etc., then you'll need more than 2 minutes. But still, 10 minutes is more than enough. You could even finish eating in 10 minutes time.

  • Shower. Okay, not for most of the ladies maybe. We are so articulate and careful when it comes to personal hygiene that 10 minutes is simply not enough. But for most people, the guys especially, 10 minutes is all it takes.

  • Book Air Asia ticket. No, I am not doing any marketing or promotion for Air Asia. I'm simply saying that under 10 minutes, I could book a return Air Asia ticket from KL to Bali. That is, by using the Internet la kan. If by the phone, it will take forever. You could even cook Maggi then eat it then go take a shower while waiting to connect to the agent. Okay, okay. I'm exaggerating a bit there.

  • Read approximately 15 pages of a really good novel. I don't know about other people, but I read at that pace. If the novel is kinda slow and boring, it will take longer for me to read even one page. I will do all sort of things in between the dull words such as pick my nose play with my mobile, chat with my sister or maybe I just fell asleep. Or better, I will jump straight to the last page. Hahaha!
The possibilities are endless, my friends. A lot can be done in 10 minutes really. And anything can happen in 10 minutes!

Take for instance this morning as I was waiting for the KTM Komuter to arrive, then came the dreaded announcement saying the train will arrive in 10 minutes. Holy shmolly! The platform is already crowded with people and now they're saying the train will arrive in 10 minutes? You must be kidding me! Lo and behold, kidding they were not! By the time the train arrived, there was no time to spare as people push and shove their way into the train. So much for Malaysian courtesy! Orang timur la katekan...

And in 10 minutes, you could easily forget about someone. In 10 minutes, you could easily forget that someone was waiting for you, wondering where could you be or what could you be doing. And all you can say to that someone is "Sorry, I forgot." In 10 minutes.


  1. dear, 10 minutes is a split second if you're having dinner with someone you love the most :)

    but yes... it'll be eternity if you're waiting for a person that you hate most hehee..

  2. i mandi less thn 5 mins... *bangga bangga* hehe

    u cud kill a person u hate the most in 10 mins tho... LOL.. wut a sick sick joke.. T_T

  3. Kak Neeza: 10 minutes could change a life. 10 minutes could create history. anything goes!

    suria: yaka less than 5 mins??? tu x mandi namanya weiiii~~~


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