Tuesday, September 09, 2008

balik kampung: it is never too early...

... to buy tickets! That is if you are not driving yourself la kan. Come Ramadhan, the tickets are selling like hot cakes, be it bus tickets or train tickets. Well, I've picked up mine yesterday.

Or should it be ours? Ah. No matter. What matter is this; all four of us will sit through eight or maybe nine hours of backside-numbing journey all the way from KL to Butterworth. Yep. Syaqirin has been bugging me about this journey since a month before Ramadhan. You have to understand, he is yet to experience the balik kampung trip via the train. Little does he know how loooong the trip will be!

Every year, when it is balik kampung time, we have to decide who will be going back via the public transport and who will be going back with Mama. You see, there are nine of us, including Mama. Unless we rent a bus, we could not possibly balik kampung together. There were times when Abah was around, we could all go back together with two cars. Now, a distant memory. Oh well, it's not like we are not used to it anyway.

So first, cabut undi. Syaqirin will of course be excluded because he got this fascination towards public transportation. Either by bus or train, he will definitely hop on board happily. He is actually super-excited to balik kampung with train. Lets see just how long that excitement will last, shall we? I will be excluded as well 'cos I'm the eldest. Meaning, I have to go wherever that little dude go. So, who else will be joining us for the backside-numbing experience? I have an idea but lets just wait until it is finalized.

We'll be going back on the 28th of September, instead of the first-planned 27th 'cos the ticket for 27th is sold out. Mama will be going back on the same date, if according to the current plan. So to Suria, take note, babe. 28th September, Sunday. We'll be departing around 2.30 pm and will arrive around 9.45 pm (holy cow!!!).

How about you guys? Already planned your balik kampung trip?


  1. wah..best! balik kg with train..like u said i wouldnt know how long will it takes..never before! but i am sure it'll be fun.

    I dono yet whts the plan for raya hehehe..hoping the inlaws turun KL heheh

  2. neome: i've experienced it once only when i was a kid and it was really a loooooong journey. for me, raya kat kl x best la coz most of the sepupu sepapat all is up north so we the minority (9 org pn kira minority gak tuh!) balik kmpg. furthermore, there's a different feel of celebration between both place. a bit x meriah la here in KL for me.

  3. weh! 28th ka?! lmbt glaaaaaa.. haha

    anyways, see u guys this 28th! cant wait!

  4. suria: 28th, according to syaqirin is still early. hehehe! 28th according to me is just nice cos yg study madi tu will start their raya break on 27th. 28th still sempat tgk papa pasang lampu raya. 28th still can help mama with kuih raya. oh man! cant wait!

  5. nk blik nek tren ah
    ade pe ats tren ha?
    de tenet x ats tren?
    mekdi ngn kepsi de x?
    tv ade x?
    j.co de x?

  6. hoih! melampau mntk jco! tampa kang! x yh blk raya neh!

  7. kakak: ko igt ko naik flight first class ka?

    suria: xleh. nnt xdak photographer for camwhoring purpose

  8. best nye ade kampung..
    nek train..
    train bunyik gduk gduk gduk
    ade ayam
    ade kambing
    ade pokok byk
    hmpp sob..sob..
    <--(budak xde kampung)

  9. pokeju: nk kate kampung pn x leh jugak sbb bandor.umah pn batu.hahaha!

  10. skyjuice3:13:00 AM

    wah... balik kg naek tren ker?
    lagik lamer ar... penat 2 nunggu.... huhuhu....
    by the way...
    salam perkenalan....
    aq lak balik jay bee luse ptg... hehehehe...
    selamat ari raye....


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