Wednesday, September 03, 2008

zikri's day out

Last Saturday, my sisters and I took this little guy for his first ever Komuter ride. Well, initially, our plan was to have Big Breakfast at McD in KL Sentral. But then Adik wanted to bring this little guy along. When he first got onto the train, he cried! He was scared, I suppose. Adik was quick to the rescue by giving him sweet. Phew! Once we were in KL Sentral, he was running about, going up and down the escalator. But, still, a tad too quiet.

See? No that cheeky smile of him! Still cute, though.

Maybe next time we'll bring along his sister so that he won't feel awkward/scared/whatever.


  1. yeah and get the partner to go up and down the escalator...;-P

  2. ooo..i think zikri is ur 'eldest son'! hmm his face just like u la plak! haha when u wanna get married?

  3. neome: ya ya. partner! *abes pening nk jage*

    pokeju: hoih! ade ke my son! me? getting married? no komen~~~

  4. he is adorable..
    whose son anw?

  5. kak reen: cute sgt kan. he is my neighbor's son yg dh mcm hakmilik kitorg. hahaha!


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