Wednesday, December 03, 2008

the not-so-workaholic me

I am swamped! With work. The boss is out of the country. He is right now somewhere in Dubai. And I have to handle everything in the office. Everything. During the time that the boss in the office, it was really quiet. No major booking whatsoever. But once he is out of the country, man oh man am I swamped with all the work! I even dream about work nowadays. I can't even sleep properly because my head is jammed with all the stuff from work. Quotations, ticket issuance, visas, invoices, payments bla bla bla... headaches!

What tick me the most is the last minute bookings. The day you want to check in is the day you call me to book for the hotel! On Saturday! When I was out with my family! When I thought I could have a break! And I had to go to the office on Sunday to settle all the payment and make another ticket booking and issue it because of all the last minute thingy. On a Sunday! Wei, B*ngl* pun dok lepak KLCC on a Sunday, OK!!! Yes, I am venting. I can't help it. I need to let it out. Sometimes, I feel like it is not worth it. The pay I got and the work I'm doing... sigh. But maybe, I shoud just take a very deep breath and be very grateful for what I have. In this tourism and hospitality industry, it is all about being patient. Yeah, right. Like I'm the most patient person on this earth.

On a totally unrelated note, remember I post an entry about this? Well, thanks to Kak Tee, the house has been scanned. And yes, there is actually 'something' in the house. Should I say I'm not surprised? Either way, thank you to Kak Tee and her father for seeing into this matter. I really appreciate it.


  1. sabar ya ummi.. dian faham~! dian pun lebih kurang mengalami nasib yg sama dgn lagila tah apa2... hehe... bila dh keja ni mmg tak rasa life lgsg la..waaaa.... zaman study gak syok boleh dok rilex2... ada life skitt..ummi keja kat travel agent yg ummi prac dulu tu ka?

  2. ummi,
    Salam Aidil Adha :)

  3. yang..

    Salam AidilAdha.

    can't wait for your raya haji punya entry coz i tau, confirm ada cite yang besh bersama gambar yang lawa lawa. =)


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