Friday, December 12, 2008

reason(s) to have fun

I am bored. Yes, I am. Thus, I am thinking of ways to have a little bit of fun in my life.

It is the month of December. Mama's birthday is coming soon, on the 27th. And I have no idea how to celebrate her birthday this time around. A surprise party like the one we had last year? Hurm. As if Mama won't expect it. I need something new. Something fresh and more exciting. It was really fun last year but hey, we need to improvise, no? Any ideas, anyone? Or maybe we'll just buy her a cake and celebrate it quietly at home. Booooooringgg!

I need a bit of fun! I'm so bored with my life nowadays. The same routine every single day. Nothing much to do on weekends except for sleeping and eating and watch TV until I feel like a zombie. Sheesh! I have some ideas running around in my head. Maybe I'll go to Melaka with Kakak and do some touristy stuff. Kakak said once that she wanted to go to Terengganu again because she like it so much there and she said I should go there as well. I've never been to Terengganu. Maybe one day I'll drag Kakak along with me and we'll do the touristy stuff again. Maybe. Who knows?


  1. nak ikut g terengganu... sia pun x pernah pergi. :D

  2. yes...go be a tourist.....snap lots of pictures....that will add some excitement.

  3. kimie: gediknye!

    pp: i am planning to. that 'snap lots of pictures' part is really appealing, esp when u hv a photographer in tow :P


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