Wednesday, February 18, 2009

simon 'grumpy' cowell & paula 'minnie' abdul

I grabbed that picture above from today's The Star.

And by Lord, to see Grumpy holding that placard, I could not stop laughing! Really. Grumpy and Simon Cowell. I never even thought of it. The picture spoke thousand words, my friends. And one of them is "Paula Abdul's dress is so freaking ugly it makes Grumpy looks cute". What was she thinking? Trying to outdo Minnie Mouse? Pfft. You ain't growing younger, missy, even with Botox!

Grumpy at the back, though, has made my day. You are MY idol!


  1. akak suka all the dwarfs tu..
    akak suka cartoon :)

    tapi nape la Paula tu dressing cam tu yek? tak sesuai aje.. heheh..

  2. kak neeza: ummi suka Sneezy. hehehe. as for Paula, maybe dia try nk upstage Minnie Mouse but sadly it backfired. ugly dress. even uglier shoe

  3. speaking of AI, am i the only one on earth who hates Danny Gokey's guts?

    he's a smug bastard and overplays his wife's death. i mean of course i feel sorry for his loss and all (i'm not a heartless bitch you know) but somehow i feel really sick the way she always talks about his dead wife every 26.3 seconds. if he really were a good husband, he wouldn't have entered the competition A MONTH after her death. he didn't even console Tatiana, when he's supposed to be this church-going, emphatic guy. sure, whoever touches Tatiana is supposed to get some rabid shots thereafter, but still!!

    that said, i'm disappointed Anoop is out. i hope he'll get through during wild card.

  4. oops, i mean he talks about his dead every 26.3 seconds. typo.

  5. wani: I don't give much attention to this season of AI. But I do like this one girl, which I've forgotten the name *aiyoh* but I remember she sang Aretha Franklin's "Never Loved A Man". she's spunky.

    typo? what typo?

  6. Alexis? she's okay i guess.

    i left a comment on david gokey's video on youtube. and guess what? they replied "get a life, bitch", "what are you stupid?" and such. i have a feeling that these are the same people that supported Blowus Brothers.

    c'mon, this is the guy who uses his dead wife to get votes. how sick is that?

    anyway, i got nothing to do. so, don't be shocked to see that i actually pay attention to AI. this season's contestants are worthless. you know the guy who got highest vote that sang I Don't Wanna Be? my mom said Faizal sang it 10x better than him.

  7. my idol is Cara Deguardi

    i almost gave up on the show until i saw her nice cleavage. yup i am simple minded fool. but when she went for the SING OFF with bikini girl i couldn't stop laughing!

  8. wani: that guy totally ruined I Don't Wanna Be. I hate it. ugh. Gokey got strategy, my friend. Maybe by mentioning his dead wife every 26.3 secs, he'll get 10 votes for it. go figure

    obefiend: at least Kara doesn't pretend that the contestants are bloody good singers when they can't even get 'do re mi' right. and she definitely doesn't look as old as a this one particular female judge. a treat for the eye indeed


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