Monday, April 20, 2009

i know it's the global economic crisis...

... but it's the KL International Book Fair 2009 (KLIBF '09)!

Ooh! I just can't possibly give it a miss, can I? This is even better than any shopping trip! And I even skipped work for this *guiltily*. Ok, not totally skipped it. I just went off a bit early (like 2 hours early). And this...

... is just soooo freaking worth it! Spent precisely MYR 100 for all of that. I told you it's better than any shopping trip. I was overwhelmed to bits with all the books they have. And so far, I'm done with 3 of the books. Now on my fourth, which is the Rosary Girls which, quite frankly, is quite good.

Oh. By the way, 4 of those books were bought at The Mall instead of at the fair itself. Each cost MYR 10. Damn good deal, I'd say. And I am super happy. Never mind that I went to bed much later than usual now.

Maybe I'll go again this Saturday. Wanna join?


  1. nak g sabtu nie pkl bpe?ngn sape?mcm best je kalo join..dah lama xmembaca (selain baca buku teks utk final..aiishh)....lagi pon lama xjmp ummi...sihat??

  2. rase mcm nak pergi, but nowadays... my cash flows directly to the fashion district rather than knowledge matters.


  3. what's the title of the book written by Sinead Moriarty (the one at the bottom)?

  4. sheila: alhamdulillah...sihat. u? jom ar kite g sesame

    su: i'd say stick to what u like best

    wani: it's From Here to Maternity


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