Thursday, April 16, 2009

misplaced logic

Him: Dik, Dunhill 14 satu!
Adik 7-E: RM 6.60
Him: Ala dik... tak nak ler kotak yang ni. Bagi tu yang gambar baby.
Me: Huh?
We walked slowly as he lit the cancer stick and inhaled deeply. Intoxicated. His drug. His food. I slowed my step even more as he began to blew out the smoke. I hate the smell. And he knows. He smiled as he turned around to face me. And grinned boyishly, trying to be cute.
Me: Eh. Why did you asked the boy to change the ciggie pack? The content is just the same.
Him: Didn't you see the picture on the pack?
Me: Err. Rotting neck?
Him: Exactly
Me: But then why chose the one with the baby picture?
Him: Not that scary la this one (holding up the cigarette box)
Me: Do you know the purpose of those pictures?
Him: To scare the hell out of us
Me: Do you know that your neck will actually rot just like in the picture?
Him: Yeah. That's why I always take the baby one
Me: Why?
Him: Because I won't get pregnant!
Blink once. Twice.

Logic, ladies and gentlemen, is definitely overrated.


  1. huhuhuhuhu...iye org laki suke bagi alasan tu!

  2. wait till he'll be a father..
    then you'll see how scare he will be.. ;)

  3. Mr.Smith3:34:00 AM

    hehehehe.. gelak sungguh!

  4. sheila: org lelaki ni pandai bg alasan kan

    kak neeza: mungkin dia tak terfikir pn tentang masa depan

    mr. smith: suka u ye...

  5. wawawa.... ada jugak manusia mcm ni. hahaha

  6. dian: adaaa... tu makhluk nan seorang itulah

  7. Heh. All I can say is "W T F?"

  8. lynne: hear, hear!


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