Wednesday, April 15, 2009

missing tok

This picture was taken a day before Aidilfitri last year. Tok, just like every year, was busy preparing ketupat pulut daun palas. If not for Tok, I don't think we will have decent ketupat pulut daun palas during Aidilfitri every single year.


How I miss my dear grandmother.

When I was studying in Penang, I got the chance to see her at least once a month. Now I only got to see her once a year, that is during Aidlifitri because she's now living with my aunt in Kedah. How sad is that? Sad indeed. I remeber those times when I was at Suria's house in Sungai Petani when Tok was around. When Mama and Papa Suria left for work, we had the house to only the both of us. Right after Mama Suria left to school, she would wake me up to turn on the TV. No matter how many times I taught her how to turn on the TV, she will always wake me up to do it instead. I think she was being clever... getting me to wake up early in the morning. Hehehe.

I practically grew up in front of my grandmother's eyes, until I turned 11. There were those 2 years when I lived and went to school in Kedah. We were taught to be independent, so most of the times, we would iron our school uniform on our own. But Tok, being Tok, she would re-iron the uniform for all... I don't know, 6 of us? And of course I still remember the time when she would put coconut oil on my hair despite my constant protest. "Busukla Tok!" I would complain again and again. Tok would just ignore it, again and again.

What I remember the most is her Nasi Goreng Kunyit and Nasi Goreng Sambal Belacan. Yummy! No matter how much I try, my version of Nasi Goreng Kunyit never turned out as good as hers. Bummer. And her fish curry... one of the best ever. The memories linger in my mind of those times when I had my grandmother close by my side when I was sick. She would care for me until I am well enough. She would apply the minyak angin when needed. I sprained my wrist once and she would massage my wrist day and night. She would bandage my wrist up so that tak masuk angin. If I had a headache, she would picit my head until I fell asleep.


How I miss my dear grandmother so much...


  1. this entry makes me miss my late grandma.. uwwaaa!!!

    dia pun selalu buat ketupat pulut jugakk... I missed her ketupat.. uhukss...

    err... ummi! pinjam grandma boleh?
    nak makan ketupat.. ;)

  2. kak neeza: err... leh ke pinjam2 grandma ni? hehehe

  3. wuwuwuwu.... IM IN TEARS..!!


  4. Suria: At least you can go see her next week...


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