Monday, November 23, 2009

... aaaannnddd action!

Going through some blogs, I could not help but notice the elements of drama in them. And somehow, I found it to be... entertaining, to put it mildly. These 'some blogs' belong to handful of young people related to someone I know. Young as in their early 20's. Gosh, that age when you tend to over-dramatize practically everything! Especially if you're in love. Funny, no?

At 20, I'm still a not-right-in-the-head girl. I'm still searching for my purpose, my identity. Not that I finally find it today, but I can safely say that I'm more sure of myself today. Seeing this young people, enjoying their lives, I feel a tad bit envious. They blog about their date, what food they eat when they went out for the date, what they did, which movie they saw and so on.

I wonder why could I not write about things like that?

Do I feel embarrassed? Or did I not enjoy the dates I had? And as I type this post, I keep asking myself the same question. And then it occurs to me that the time he and I shared together, it was private. Those times are about us and us only. I never feel like sharing. Somehow, by sharing, it will wipe away that special quality of the times we had. To me, at least. Different people have different mindset, no?

These young people, meanwhile, they are quiet vocal about their love. And they express it with such drama flair that will put a certain Malaysian professor/director to shame. Their devotion and affection... well, whatever it is. I wonder if they will have the same fervor when their hearts are broken.

I could almost imagine the words that I will see and laugh at evilly...
Oh my heart ache so much it feels like there is hundreds of needles poking in my bleeding heart...
How cud he did diz 2 me??? I lurv him soooo much.
I don't think I can life without him :((((
Plizzzz God help me.......
Note: The errors are purely intentional.

I could not bring myself to write in Bahasa because then we will all be lost in translation. I'm unable to keep up with the slang they use nowadays, what with the letter 'W' ending their every words. Instead of "ape", we have "apew". And honestly? It annoys the hell out of me. But then again, they thought it's cute. Cute, ladies and gentlemen, has apparently lost its novelty. Cute can be just about anything, including being annoying.

Life is just one big drama, eh?


  1. ahaks!
    remaja remaji masa kini eh?

    nice and somehow it's true. hee =p

  2. Hehehe. Hi Ila. Thanks for dropping by. Taktau la nak kate ape budak2 skarang. Either I am too old or they're getting bolder.

  3. No prob dear. Mmg suka view blog orang. N hari tuh tah cmner terjumpe ur blog. ehehe.. Kids nowadays mmg pelik. Haha. Adik² sndri pon kadang² tak faham their words esp on sms. Pening.



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