Monday, March 01, 2010

when do you think i should stop?

Two of the most precious books are missing from the collection at home. Two of my most favorite books. One is Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me and another is Sophie Kinsella's Can U Keep A Secret?. Apparently, some people must've 'forgotten' to return the two books back after reading them. Convenient. Really, very convenient. Don't make me start putting some sort of GPS-tracking-sorta-chip on all of my books.

I've lost hope to get both books back home safely. Because 1) Those who lend out the books swear that their friends returned the books and they themselves put the books back to its place and 2) They keep pointing fingers as to who yang-last-sekali-bagi-pinjam-buku-tu-kat-kawan-dia. Hopeless. So I decided to buy the books to replace the missing ones. And this time, I'll put the GPS-tracking-sorta-chip on/in(?) the books. No, I mean, SERIOUSLY. You think I'm the heir of the Hilton's empire? I wish!

Now where can I find those two books? Should I give BookXcess a try since they're having this spring-cleaning thing (over 200 titles for the price below RM 10!!!)? Or should I just wait until the upcoming KL International Book Fair? Decision, decision. But I really need to have those two books. Without them, I feel... incomplete.

And then there's the new Julie James' book, Something About You releasing on the 2nd March (err... I don't know about Malaysia but I really do hope they have it here this month). I've read her two previous books and I really really really love her books. I'm planning to obtain a copy of each book. Her latest book is garnering rave reviews and I just can't wait to get my hands on it. Can you see that RM sign flying about? Yeah, well, I can, too.

And I am yet to read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Nasib baik Suria dah beli buku tu... takdela terbang RM lagi. And I still have Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera on my to-read list. I've been wanting to read this book since I read Johnny's review in goodreads. It did something to him, you know. Hey, I do not just read chick lit and historical romance, okay! I try to be smart and sensitive and sensible once in a while. Okay, okay! Once in a blue moon. There. Happy?

Uhh. Do you think I should stop now? Or risk turning this entry into a novel? Okay, maybe I should just stop now.


  1. hahahaha... bila la suria nk abes baca dan brown lost symbol neh? hahahaha

    btw, br dpt surat chenta dr mph. ade 20% discount for members on books from 3-5 march. aha.. dan brown pn x abes lg, ade ati nk beli buku len. aha. btw, i also bought matthew reilly's temple, which i read br 1 page. haha

  2. oh syipppp!! i forgot Matthew Reilly's sequel to west's adventure. another book masuk list. bagi kaklong baca dulu yang tu la kalau mcm tu. hahahaha!

  3. Don't stop writing. You're good.

  4. Johnny: Thanks! *blushing*

  5. here's something you should know. tak abis lagi baca buku Ummi actually. beli buku pun dah lama tak.

  6. wani: err... buku beli masa big bad sale tu pun blum habis baca gak. ahhaha! gile tamak kan


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