Wednesday, July 14, 2010

jack of all trades

I have a friend. Whom I've known for years. But never even met. Not even once. And yet, I tell him all sort of things. I tell him of my heartbreaks, which he laughs at every now and then, which then will make me laugh as well. I tell him of my fear, which he makes fun of all the time, which makes the fear itself seems ridiculous. And we share a wacky sense of humor. Because he's crazy. I'm not. Seriously.

And today is his birthday. We don't even meet for birthdays. We just do what's necessary and that's that. And I cherish the simplicity of it all. I cherish the simplicity of our friendship. Whatever jokes we crack, it never meant to do any harm or hurt. We make fun of each other all the time. Simplicity, peppered with humor and animosity. And it's his birthday.

An entry dedicated to you, my friend...


May you live another 100 years successfully and prosperously
May you find happiness wherever you go

May you live a life that's blessed

May you have families and friends surrounding and protecting you

And may you have the best day of all days today

I'm thinking...
Hadiah ni nak tak? Wahahahahahahaha!

Happy birthday again!

P/S: I told you, we have wacky sense of humor.


  1. Anonymous11:56:00 AM

    comelnye ... mcm tuan die .. wakakakkakaka

  2. Hohoho. Siapakah anon ini? Babe, is that you?

  3. hai...
    so sweet... sy pun ada cyber friend juga... x jumpa pun, dia di KL n sy di JB... kami kenal dah almost 3 yrs... hohoho... still close smpai skang... hope u n him will go to nxt step : meet up/dating... hik3...

  4. asrawahida: Him and me? Me and him? Ahahaha. For years we've been friends and I think we'll stick to that. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Anonymous7:34:00 PM

    babe .. agreed wit u .. n dia adalah makhluk yg sgt memahami walaupun kekadang suka memperkotak katik kan i .. Jek ngengggg .. !!


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